Taco in a Pan

First posted February 6, 2008.

Update: Eileen shared with me that she made this and her fussy son and hubby even had seconds. I just had to try it and I agree, it was a big hit at our house too and so simple.

Since my men are SO picky, I actually left the cheese off of the mixture and let everyone choose what to do with it. Most of my men put it in taco shells and declared it was good. I suggested nachos too.

I decided to make a salad with it. I put lettuce on my plate and topped it with the mixture, cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, and tortilla chips. Yummy!

Hmmmmm...how about this recipe...my family is always ready for Mexican? I may have to try this one. It seems as quick to make as Hamburger Helper, huh?

Taco In A Pan

1 lb. extra lean ground beef
2 C. water
1 pkg. Taco Seasoning Mix
2 C. instant white Rice, uncooked
1 C. Mexican Shredded Cheese
2 C. shredded lettuce
2 C. chopped tomatoes

Brown meat in large nonstick skillet; drain. Add water and seasoning mix; stir. Bring to boil. Stir in rice. Sprinkle with cheese; cover. Reduce heat to low; simmer 5 min. Top with lettuce and tomatoes.


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