.... and this is what I have to say about Kim Davis, Clerk in Kentucky

So, I usually stay far away from political and religious discussions because it just causes drama, but I have mixed feelings about the Clerk in Kentucky. On one hand, as a Christian, I'm cheering her for standing up for her beliefs. I feel sorry for her that she is personally being bashed because of her many marriages, divorces, and children out of wedlock. I read she began practicing Christianity 4 years ago, which was after all the divorce stuff. People do not even bring up that the fact is she is forgiven and all that stuff doesn't really matter. It's just a personal attack.

Once she accepted Jesus, He forgave her past sins and he continues to forgive our sins daily, hourly, and by the minute because we all mess up all the time. These points are just personal bashing and mute.
On the other hand, this all seems a no brainer. 

Suppose a Hindu who was not allowed to eat beef worked at McDonald's and refused to serve hamburgers because of his religion? The answer: he shouldn't work there. Can you imagine standing at the counter being refused a burger because of someone's religion? It just would not happen. He should go work at Kentucky (ah, a pun!) Fried Chicken instead. How is this any different?

So what if the Hindu started out in a chicken only restaurant and they started serving beef? He would make the choice to search for other employment. Employers makes changes all the time and employees make choices.

Suppose my beliefs are strong against drinking alcohol; I would choose not to work in a bar. Suppose my beliefs are strong against nude dancers; I would choose not to work in a dance club. Suppose my beliefs are against gambling; I would choose not work at a casino.

We make choices based on our beliefs. That is what is so great about our country. We have the freedom to choose.

We are allowed to choose our religion which is a blessing and a freedom many other countries lack, but we still have to live under the laws of this country.

After I posted this on Facebook and people of all religious beliefs posted to discuss . . .

And what is cool is that we can all be of different religion values and still be friends and care for each other (I care about every one of my Facebook friends), yet we are all Americans and so can come together to acknowledge the Clerk's wrong-doing in agreement.

I still think she is being unfairly bashed and that those doing so are acting like high school bullies who have never grown up. The news is feeding it, for the sake of social media "wow" factor for competition, and that is scary because I thought they were supposed to just give the news impartially. Stay on topic and stop the personal bashing. Look at how they are teasing her about the way she dresses. I don't care what religion you are, that is uncalled for. I want to bring out my teacher voice and start reminding them how childish they are being.

In addition, accusing her of being a bad Christian just shows they do not understand Christianity. Every Christian I know admits they are bad, constantly. They are using it to attack every Christian. They are mocking Christians. They are mocking me. The posts I've read are blowing me away. Don't attack her religion any more than you should attack other religions. Attack how she is disobeying the law and stop making it personal.  Stop throwing out the "hypocrite card."  It just shows you do not understand Christianity and that it is all about sins and God forgiving us (and you too if you would accept Jesus).

Jumping off my wagon now.

Stay on target with the discussion of the law. She stated, "To issue a marriage license which conflicts with God's definition of marriage, with my name affixed to the certificate, would violate my conscience."  Is this within her constitutional right to not affix her name to the certificate because it violates her conscience?  

There is a part of me that hopes that they find a way to make exceptions.  Some are talking about online registration where someone's name is not attached, but rather just the State and not the County.  Why not make such an option viable? Or have a notary public put their seal on it and the clerk would simply file it?  What harm would that do?  It would only bring good as a way to bring peace to all sides.

I can see Kim's view as I think I would feel the same way as she does.  If I were asked in a court of law to be a witness as to whether or not this would violate my conscience to have my name on the Certificate, I would have to say "yes" and I think that most other Christians would say the same.  If we all came into court to testify, would that not make a huge statement?

So if my job plays on my conscience, I find another job. That has been the way people have always done it.  However, I am sure this is a high paying job she may not be able to replace which makes it even more difficult for her.  What harm would it be to find another way to make the peace in this situation?

In my beliefs, there is truth to Sodom and Gomorrah's history and meaning to us and that worries me about the way our country is turning.

There is some interesting thoughts in my head regarding that they are pushing Christians out of government positions.

I continue to read about other Clerk's who are not issuing licenses in many states, yet I am baffled as they seem to be picking on Kim and using her as the example.

I trust the law and the courts.  I will anxiously await to see how the law is determined.

More thoughts.

Pharmacists who refuse to prescribe certain forms of birth control have protections and the legal right to refuse to prescribe if doing do violates their conscience. What's the difference? Just public vs. private sector?


MiniCooper452 said…
I think that's very much the key. Public vs. Private. We are in America, where we're BLESSED to practice every religious freedom. Wonderful. I do have issues with people "using" (my opinion) religion to do or not do with regards to work, public or private, but that's another matter.
In this case, she is a public employee, entrusted to issue marriage licenses per the law. Period. If she can't do that, then she needs to quit and find new employment. She is more than welcome to keep her beliefs intact as long as they don't interfere with her ability to do the job that taxpayers pay her to do or find other employment. She is "my" employee.

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