Digital Bible Journaling Brushes FREEBIE & Video #dbj #digitalbiblejournaling

I created 50 Digital Bible Journaling brushes for you which will always be free on Lesson 2 of the Digital Bible Journaling class guide.  I just expanded this into a class and so it is rather unorganized, but I am excited about bringing more challenges to you in the future.  I hope to create 20 of them over time.  Lesson 1 is the introduction video on how I do Digital Bible Journaling.

You can use these free brushes for any layout, but I do want to encourage others to join me in this new hobby of Digital Bible Journaling.  Join the Facebook group and share your pages or upload them to the Flickr group and share them on the linky.

I would love to share your pages on the lesson guides, so I am anxious to see them.  Just let me know if they are for Lesson 1 or Lesson 2.  Won't you be the first to join me?


Tricia Berg said…
Thank you so much, Hummie! I just got my eSword CD in the mail the other day. Thanks for that recommendation. (I bought the CD because it came with tons of Bibles, etc. instead of a few like the free download had.)
Hummie B said…
You're welcome! So excited to see them being used.

You can get all the eSword Bibles and other stuff free online too. I have just four things I've paid for that I've added to customize it like my Bible I had forever. I LOVE it on my iPad and on my laptop. I use it all the time.

I hope you enjoy yours!
Tara D said…
Yay, thank you Hummie! I have downloaded and now I want to play! :)
Maggie Adair said…
Thanks a gazillion, Hummie, can't wait to use them :)
Anonymous said…
Thank You for your generosity! How sweet of you to share these brushes. Your video teaching us how you use them is also appreciated.
Mary Brack said…
Thank you , thank you, thank you Hummie! I was making circles and squares with the drawing tools in Word and it was a pain in the neck!

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