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Hello today!

I printed on vellum!  Okay, it was an exciting moment for me as I've always heard of it, but never actually done it.  I adhered it with washi tape to my journaling Bible.  I did a video so you can see what it looks like and also share some tips about creating it in Photoshop (and Photoshop Elements).

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You know you are addicted to digital scrapbooking when . . . .
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Oh my!  I remember when this list was first initiated way back in about 2005 or 2006.  Every now and then we add to it.  It is fun to read them again and get a laugh.  If you have any to add to it, stop by the blog and leave a comment somewhere and I will edit the page to add your funnies.  

You know how I love reading those blog comments and chatting with you!  Remember if logged in to a google account, you can skip that capture block and just hit enter.  I have no idea why it is there when you don't need it.  You can post not logged in or even anonymous, but they you have to do the captch thing.

Pssssttt!  I have a new Course 2 tutorial in the works.  The layout for it is mostly done and sitting on my screen waiting for me to record a video.  So I'll be seeing you soon!


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