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I think I forgot to send an email with the video I did last week. It was inspired by a very old layout of mine and some sharing in the Facebook group. It is now Course 2, Lesson 106. I rather like this technique for slicing the entire layout and using drop shadows.

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We always cheer you on when you finish a class and there is some cheering to be done.
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I created some brushes for Digital Bible Journaling, but you can use them on any layout and share with us, even if you do not do DBJ. I worked on expanding the DBJ html class guide pages a bit to begin to turn it into an actual class, with this being Lesson 2. The brushes are free.

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Don't forget to visit the Layout of the Week for inspiration and please help make someone's day by leaving them comments. That's what we've always been about here at HW -- giving warm fuzzies and encouraging each other and doing little things that make others feel happy.

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Since we started Facebook groups, it seems I cannot keep up. People contact me in so many different places, from emails, to Etsy, to Facebook group, to Facebook page, to Youtube, to Twitter, to the blog, to other forums, and on and on. I love it, but this is what I was trying to avoid by having one central location on the blog to communicate. Oh well. Such is life nowadays and I'll try to help wherever you find me. I just feel so blessed to have people reaching out to me and to see people grow in skills and faith.

If I do not respond, please give me time, or poke me again as I just cannot keep track of it all.

Till next time!


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