I am bothered by these type of posts on Facebook

Sometimes I write things to others on Facebook and then wish I had saved what I wrote.  I always delete things on Facebook later.  It doesn't need to keep my diary.  I can do that on my own blog.

When a relative who is in high school re-posted the below on Facebook, I felt that motherly teacher coming out and could to resist replying to her.

"Her name", please be careful believing everything you read on the internet. The law is very complicated and that is why people go to school for years to study it. There is "case law" which is law determined by judges rulings in cases. That is why attorneys have to research cases and cite them in briefs to help the judge determine and make a ruling on a matter. Each party is allowed to find case law and cite it in a brief. Although there are some exceptions for the federal court so that it does not have too much power, we cannot believe all the various condensed babble posted on Facebook to create social drama. Leave it up to the lawyers to bring up these complicated issues and trust the courts. 

I am bothered that these type of posts on Facebook are causing Americans to loose trust in the judicial system. 

Yes, sometimes good people go to jail. Yes, sometimes bad rulings are made when evidence is presented by bad lawyers or evidence is lacking. But we ultimately must trust our judicial system. The day we stop trusting our judicial system is the day we stop being Americans. 

Think about your Great-Grandpa "name" who fought in WWII and your Grandpa "name" who fought in Vietnam and all the other soldiers who have sacrificed so much for our country, many of them ultimately with their life. 

Yes, God is our utmost authority, but we still have to live "in the world." And we are privileged and blessed to be able to live in this awesome country as Americans. Just feel blessed and thankful that it is not you in this situation having to make the decisions Kim Davis had to make and give the courts time to work it out. I guarantee you her lawyers and our judges and others in our legal system are on top of it. Don't spread things on the internet unless you are certain of their facts as not all is true. I can see some people sitting back and laughing as people "fall for it." People in other countries could be making these posts and laughing at how Americans are falling for it and doubting their own judicial system. 

Just pray for Kim. Pray for her lawyers. But trust the judicial system and be patient, watching and learning as it plays out.


MiniCooper452 said…
You gave a beautiful, eloquent, polite response. Well done.

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