Interactive Fall Foliage Map 2015 is here!

I like this 2015 Fall Foliage Map.  It does show for me here in Southeast Missouri that the peek time will not be until November 7!  Wow!  It is still fun to check from time to time to see what everyone else in the country is experiencing.

Is it already time for us to be thinking of Fall?


Cherbear said…
Thanks for posting! I have never seen this one before.
Hummie B said…
Cherbear, it is good to see you. You know, I've had people call me that name before.
Tara D said…
We don't get a lot of fall color here (mostly evergreens), but it predicts our peak about October 10th which sounds about right. Last year we were getting a dusting of snow a few days after Halloween. Winter is coming too quickly lol :)

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