Newsletter Notes

Hi all!

Click here to read the blog post about the new tutorial in Course 2 as Lesson 105. There's a little bit of grunge going on! Wow! 105 lessons of techniques to inspire your page!

You can share your layouts in the Flickr group and link them on the blog. Remember in Flickr to go to the image you upload, highlight the url in the address bar at the top of the page, and use that to add your image to the linky. Or share your layout in the Facebook group. I've seen layouts done with this tutorial in both places already. Whooo hooo!

Carla volunteers to do a round-up post of new challenges (well, she includes some highlighted tutorial posts too). She also highlights one of the classes in hopes that it reaches your interest. This time she highlighted the Scraplift Challenge. Click here to read her round up post.

Having done a lot of new things for over a week, I decided to switch gears and work on my personal genealogy website. I'll be linking it in my rambling posts about daily life as I write them (I'm a bit behind). Scrapbooking has taken me away from the genealogy hobby and I have boxes upon boxes of information I want to get onto a website to share with my relatives and create a virtual "book" of the same for keeping.

I'm hoping to juggle genealogy with new content for the site in my free time.

I hope to see you around the website, blog, and social networking.


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