Sep 20 . . . a Sunday

I got distracted from all the shortcuts on my desktop from my previous shopping online time trying to find a new pair of shoes.  It has been two years since I've had a new pair of shoes and I wear the same two pair to work year round.  It just doesn't seem right, especially for an office job.  The life of poor people that are not really all that poor in perspective.  I ended up purchasing a pair and I am excited for them to arrive.  I'm certain they will be here tomorrow.

We had a busy day planned, all for free and all for fun.  We started the day with worship and small group at church.  We went home and gathered up the girls and headed out for our day.  I had eaten a donut at church, but we hoped to find some food along the way in our day.

We went to the car show downtown first.  We struggled with Ria's new harness and I was not happy with that.  It worked for me, but every time hubby used it, something odd happened.  At one time some girl tried helping me to put it back on and when I confirmed it was on right, she proceeded to argue with me that the loop was in the wrong place until she got offended and walked away.  Of course, that kept going over in my mind as I am one to always want everyone to like me.  Apparently it is the operator's error as hubby just does not know how to walk a dog or train a dog.  The girls obey me just fine.

The car show was amazing!  It was much much much larger than the last few times as the cars went all the way down the street, through the parking lot, past Hutson's, and even further down the street.  We did not have time to see them all as we had other plans and messing with Ria's new harness was taking our time.

We drove all the way to Bollinger Mill for a free folk concert.  We got there a little late around 2:30 p.m.  (concert was from 2 - 4 p.m.)   I had always wanted to see how these concerts were done, imagining the singer sitting beside the river and the waterfall with people sitting around in a circle enjoying the view and the music.  However, it was waaaaaaaay across on the other side of the parking lot and across the field.  You can see the trailer in the distance which is where the musicians sat and all the people gathered around.

I've seen this trailer before as it belongs to the Missouri State Parks and travels to various ones.  I think I've seen it at Pilot Knob.  It was a nice and relaxing concert, with the exception of Ria who was disturbed by all the other dogs.  Miss Tizzy was behaving, but it was getting cold under the trees for her. 

This is when I decided Ria's harness was too tight as I noticed it was cutting into her skin under her armpits and on her belly.  She did not look too happy either.  I guess after all that time shopping, twice, we will have to take it back.  Now what?  More time shopping.  I'm so tired of shopping for things that don't work out.

Then we drove to Jackson and got there about 4:30 p.m.  There were people leaving as the concert had started at 3 p.m., but the crowd was still large and we had to park across the street as the parking lot was full. You cannot see the people below the hill in this photo. Can you spy hubby and the girls in this photo?  They are waiting for me to come back from the porta-pottie.  The band played classic rock music from the 70's and 80's, so we knew all the music and enjoyed it.  Of course, Ria was stressful again, but Miss Tizzy drew people over to say 'hi.'  One little boy just loved her ears and played with them.

It was a perfect weather weekend and we enjoyed being outside, except if you are 7 lbs.  lol  I remembered to bring Miss Tizzy's blanket from her bag and I wrapped her up and we took some selfies.  She is squinting from the sun.

I have to laugh at this one because I could not get her to look at the camera on my phone, so I looked away in the direction she was looked and snapped the photo.  

I took this one after she did her usually crossing her paws thing.  It's so adorable every time she does it.

We had hoped there was a food stand, but there was not one anywhere and we were starving.  We left the concert before it was over around 5:30 p.m. and went home.  The girls were surely hungry as it was past their dinner time.  I fed the girls and hubby ran to the store to get some pizza and wine.  We ate in the living room and watched t.v.

It was a great day and the best part was that it was all free, with the exception of the gas money.


Tammy said…
Free days like that are wonderful!!

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