Sept 1 . . a Tuesday

I cannot believe it is September already!  Wow!

I started my day off a little bit muffed, okay a lot bit muffed, at hubby.  I reminded him many times yesterday to remember to take my car in to the shop.  We've had an appointment for over a week now and he choose the time at 7:00 a.m. So what's he do?  He writes it on the chalkboard in the Retro Room and thinks that will be enough for me to remind him in the morning.  Um, like I even saw that chalkboard in the morning!  I got up as always and started working on my laptop while he slept away, with no intention at all of waking himself.  Of course, having thought I placed it in his hands, it was out of my mind.

I went to leave for work and there on the table was the printouts I had done with information from the internet and it reminded me and my dander hit sky high!  Of course, now I have to wait for him to get ready so I can go to work and he take the car to the shop.  I was so certain that starting the day off on the wrong foot would insure that the rest of the day would go wrong.  I worried that they would not take the car an hour and a half late.  I worried that the mechanics had been sitting there all morning mad at us for be "no shows."  I worried they would now say it could not be done today and I would be without a car for overnight.

I was not nice to listen to on the way to work and walked in wanting to snap at the first person who spoke to me.

Since he had to come and get me for lunch, I decided it was a good time to just go out to eat.  We went to Panera and, the morning being long behind us, we had a nice lunch together.

On the way there the shop called.  Yep, they confirmed it was the same problem I had tried to tell the last shop was wrong with it.  Now why the last shop could not fix it is beyond me, even though they admitted I was right about the problem.  They insisted the "wiring harness" was in the hub and the first shop had already tried replacing the hub.  Of course, I had no idea.  Apparently it is something separate.  This just confirms that I should never take my car back to the second place again.

It cost us $300.  Sigh.  I cannot win.  However, my car does seem to be finally fixed.  We've only been trying to fix it since June.  Let's hope in two weeks it doesn't start doing it again.

I talked for a while to mom after work.  She has been have a lot of things go wrong with her house and upgrading it too.  She thinks I jinxed her.

I started on a layout for a new tutorial.

On a good note, I worked with bills today and we owe about $850 less than we did the beginning of October.  As long as the total amount goes down, I'm happy.  It has gone up too many months in a row.  Of course, charging $300 at the beginning of September is not going to help for those figures at the beginning of next month.  Sigh.


Tammy said…
Yay on the fixed car and on getting bills paid down!! :)

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