Sept 11 . . . a Friday

I did get some good sleep last night.  Whew!  I needed it and it felt good.
However, I was slow going to get moving.  I eventually started working on a new thing for a UseIt! challenge, but I did not finish and had to rush to the shower to get to work on time.

Today is September 11, the anniversary of 9/11 and there are images all over social media.  I stand in remembrance today.

The phones were completely out at work, so it was rather a peaceful morning, until the the part they ordered came in and was installed.  We could not even intercom each other.  That is good for walking exercise.

On the way home from lunch I tried taking a photo of the field where the fair parking will be as a "before" photo, but it did not turn out too well as I was driving.  I'm always in awe of how it transforms.  It's beautifully green right now, but in a week it will look dead and horrible from all the traffic.  Then next Spring it will miraculously be beautiful green again.

We had waffles for lunch and it was SOOO good!  We just bought the toaster kind.  However, I had some Apricot syrup which was just amazing!  I put some fresh pineapple and blueberries on top and the pineapples dipped into the syrup and soaked in was absolutely something I took time to relish! 

We had that yogurt juice we like to drink too.  Sorry, I just love food port photos.

Tonight was hubby's last night working nights and he sent me this awesome photo after the football game was over.  We won.

The weather has really turned cool here and I wish he were here for a fire on the patio.


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