Sept 12 . . . a Saturday

I slept in a little later than usual, but then started on my layout using the UseIt that I made the day before.  I had to cut it all short to rush to get ready to walk to the fair parade.  I had volunteered to help serve hot dogs and drinks at the church stand.  It did not take us too long to walk to church and we took the dogs with us.

This was the hot dogs I was serving and I had a young helper with me who was serving the drinks.  The hot dogs were donated by a local gas station and were delicious, or so the people told me.  I teased that they were the "brave breakfast" hot dogs.  

There were four other ladies helping to put the hot dogs together and wrap them up.

My young helper fell in love with Miss Tizzy.  It was 65 degrees out, so rather chilly, and poor Miss Tizzy was shivering.  So my younger helper offered up her jacket and wrapped her up and snuggled her.  It was so sweet.  I sort of lost Miss Tizzy after that as she wanted to share Miss Tizzy with her friends.  I did take a break and sat down to watch the parade for a while and the girls sat in front of me.  

Ria and Tizzy's nails were so long and I was embarrassed, so as soon as we walked home, they had a pedicure on the patio.

Then we went downtown as the Missouri Department of Conservation was having their annual thing on the river with booths and activities for the children. They were also having the annual boat rides on the Mississippi River.  I love that it is free.  We got there during the lunch hour and they were taking a break for lunch, so we waited the half hour until 1 p.m. when they started up again.  We were fortunate to barely make it onto the first group of boats going out as the boats are out 20 to 25 minutes and we would have had to wait again.  Our boat was the one in this photo on the left.

I took a bunch of selfies as we were leaving the edge of the water. We were sitting in the back of the boat.  The cold wind was blowing strongly and my hair was blown back.

I just used my cell phone to take photos and the sky was so amazing.

In this one you can see the Cape bridge in the distance from the middle of the river.

I took a lot of photos, but won't share them all.  This is of the flood wall as we were returning.

Then we set up on the patio and I decided to encourage hubby to draw in the journaling Bible.  He has so much better drawing skills than I do!  I did give him a photo to copy of someone else's, but he did it with such ease!  I read the verse while he drew and I read commentaries and we talked about it and decided together on the text he would right.  I thought it was a great way to celebrate marriage by having it be "our" Bible project with him drawing and me putting in my digital versions done digitally.

We started a fire before we started the art and study as it was so cold outside.  I welcomed the warmth.

It started raining and it seemed to be just right over us as it was clear blue skies down at the park.  We enjoyed hearing the sound of the rain on the patio roof.

After we finished the art and study, I caught hubby telling Ria the story of the 2 fish and 5 loaves and I wish I had secretly videotaped it as it was sooooo sweet!  He was telling her just as I remember him sweetly telling our sons when they were babies.  He has is own little way of telling the stories that could only be shared by a video, but it brought back memories.  Ria was listening so intently too!

I had put a flank steak (which was $13!) into the crock pot earlier in the day with some potatoes.  I had some carrots and a tomatoes with my dinner.  Wow!  It was an expensive steak but it sure did taste worth it!  Yes, it cost a lot, but it was still a much cheaper meal than if we had gone out to eat.  This photo was an accidental photo I took when I was trying to use my phone flashlight to see inside the crock pot.  lol  I thought it turned out to be a good accidental photo.  It only shows part of the steak though.   We initially thought we'd only eat half of it, but we ended up gobbling down the whole thing.  We had our meal on the patio with some wine and the fire.

The we watched So You Think You Can Dance and the latest episode of "Zoo."  We'd never watched "Zoo" before and found it to be good, much different than I had imagined it would be with lots of drama.  Miss Tizzy was still freezing, so she loved being wrapped in a blanket.  Then we both took a nice bath inside before we went to sleep.  It was really a nice day together.


Tammy said…
Love the photo of you two!
Hummie B said…
Thanks! The wind! And it looks like we are not sitting in anything, but I promise, there was a good distance between us and the back of the boat.

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