Sept 14 . . . Monday

Today is the day hubby begins days.  It shall be a learning curve for us all.

I did give him a hug before he left for work between 5:30 a.m. and 5:45 a.m.  Miss Tizzy asked me to go outside FOUR times in the first hour after he left.  I did hear her belly rumbling, so thought she was having bowel movements, but every time I looked out the window, she was doing her exploring adventure thing.  I could not get her to come back in, so just about the time I started working on my laptop again, she would bark to come in.  All I did was go back and forth to the door.  Maybe she was just confused that Daddy left.  I don't know.

I did manage to record a video to go with the UseIt52, upload it, edit the guide page, blog it, and share it.  Everything takes so much time.

Then I did start finding my iPhone course outline because I was going to start revamping it last weekend for an upcoming class that has been split up into four weeks, but just did not have time last week.  Time is going to be a problem this week too.

I spent some time chatting online with the other two judges of the photography contest and we had a great discussion about the various aspects of judging photography contests. It has been on my mind ever since the judging and I cannot get it out of my mind.

Hubby used to feed the girls between 9:30 and 10 or whenever they pounced on his head to wake him up.  Now I will have to give them their morning feeding.  At first, Ria was gobbling her food down as usual, but Miss Tizzy looked at me like "eat, now?" and asked to go outside.  Yeah.  Figures.  Then she barked outside and Ria was confused wanting to eat and yet wanting to go outside too.  

When they finally came back in, this is what I was presented with in the photo and I was cracking up!  Miss Tizzy just sat down near her full bowl now looking at me as if to say "you want me to eat . . . NOW!" and Ria stood just staring at me for permission as if saying, "If she won't eat it, I will, can I, can I, huh? huh? okay Mom?"  Miss Tizzy eventually ate her food, but I had to coax her to get started.

At lunch time they usually rush out to greet me and then pee.  They came running out the door with a toy as if saying, "Dad's not been here to play with me and I have all this pent up energy, so play, play, play!"  I tried to get a photo but they were moving so fast.

Miss Tizzy finally put the toy down to take a breather.  I never did see them pee.

This shall be the first of many times fixing my own lunch.  We are used to our big meal at lunch time, so this shall be a change for sure.  I made myself a salad and ate outside.  Now I might actually use up all the fresh fruit and veggies I buy, however, so none go to waste.

Of course, my two little beggers only had me to pick on.  We keep a container of small dog treats at the table to feed them while we eat.  Previously they had to go back and forth between us to beg.

After work I only had time to change my clothes before heading off to pick up the international student I have been matched with to meet her for the first time.  

I was EXTREMELY mad at the girls (Ria and Tizzy) for eating my Fitbit!  Now it won't come on at all!  They always go after something with my body scent on it when they are bored and home to send me a message that they did not like I was gone.  Often it is my reader glasses, but they are only $5.  The Fitbit was over $100!

They sure did get the good 'ol mom eye and growling to let them know how bad they were.  Of course, they know they won't get physically punished so they come creeping back up to me to sit there with their heads in a "I'm sorry" submissiveness.  It's hard to keep being mad at them.

I went to the the fair and walked around with my new international friend.  She had a corn dog for the first time.  We spent a lot of time getting to know each other and just chatting.  I think we are going to get along very well.  I really like her.  We did spy the photography contest display and I took this photo of just part of the display.  I was feeling an unusual feeling of knowing some people were really happy and some people were really disappointed based on my choices.

This is me and my new friend from Spain.  I am excited to spend more time with her.

After I dropped her off, there was the cleaning job.

I did not get home until about 8 p.m. and hubby and I sat down to munch on some popcorn and, of course, as it begins with our time together, he offered me ice cream.  I need to resist his food suggestions or I'm going to gain all my weight back.


Dawn said…
Goodness! What a day you had, eh?

Oh the girls.... they are so cute! But..... BAD GIRLS for eating Mommy's fitbit!! Those don't come cheap, you know!

Cool how you have a new international friend!

And that salad looks yummy!!!
Hummie B said…
Awww... What a sweet surprise that you read my blog post! Thank you!

I hope all is well with you. Are you done with the dog sitting job?

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