Sept 15 . . . a Tuesday

I got up at 4:45 a.m. again with hubby and I began to work on the computer, but other than playing catch up by putting out a newsletter and reading emails and commenting everywhere, I did not get much done.  The new Facebook groups take much of my time and I'm asking for volunteers as I am feeling a little overwhelmed.

I miss not seeing the sunrise at my house due to all the trees, so it is sweet that hubby's second day on days he sent me a beautiful sunrise photo.

It seems it only took one day before the girls figured out the schedule shift.  The snuggled under the covers even though hubby was up and when it was time for me to go to work, this is how I was greeted.  They had their heads down sulking at me until I took out my phone camera.  They were sending me a clear message that they "got it" that they were going to be alone today and that they did not want me to leave.

This is the view I watched all the way out the door to work.  They sure do want to make me feel bad for leaving them!

On the way home from work I saw the parking lot already full at the Fair. Where would all the concert go-ers park?  It seems people were coming really early to see the Newsboys.  Being poor, there was no room for the $60 to buy tickets in our budget.  Once again, I sit home sad.

Hubby and I made dinner together and I had a free evening to get my work done for a class on Monday, but this is where the learning shall come in with being on the same schedule.  Of course, he wants to eat dinner first as is natural, but what happens when we make dinner?  We sit down in front of the t.v. to eat.  What happens when we get in front of the t.v.? We don't get back up.  It is so hard once you stop to relax to get going again to work on anything.  When our schedule is for more free days, we are going to have to work out a better system so I can utilize my time better.

I was thankful for someone on Periscope who was occasionally sharing the concert.  Of course, we could hear it from the living room too.  We eventually went outside and I could have the concert in stereo whenever this person was live on Periscope, hearing it through my phone and through the air.  I danced a bit in the driveway too.  I have to admit I was a little sad.  I think having it there to listen too, sort of, is harder than not going and being somewhere where it is "out of sight/hearing, out of mind."


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