Sept 18 . . . a Friday

Once again, I'm blogging this days later and I cannot remember what I did, so I am using my photos to jog my memory.  The girls still want to just play when I come home from lunch every day.  They are so cute.  They do not like sitting at home all morning waiting for me to come home for lunch.  They get all this energy pent up and require me to help them spend it when I get home.

After work I went to Petco to get some dog food and I decided it was time to try to find a new harness for Ria.  I just cannot find one that works well for her and it is so frustrating.  When I got home and tried it on her, I was amazed at how she immediately responded to it!  It was a trainer harness that had a loop in the front and apparently tightened across the shoulders. I'm hoping that this will make life simpler.  However, it was too large.  Petco only had the base sizes and not the tweener sizes and I was hoping it would work anyway, although I suspected she needed the tweener size.  I suppose I will have to go tomorrow to exchange it.  Sigh.  After all that time I choose picking it out.

Hubby had to work at the football game and so, even though he is on days and won't have to work as many extra shifts as before, he has to go in for football games and stay until half time, which is still a lot better than coming home at midnight.  The gate he manned gave him a view of his 'ol beat up truck and the field.  I think he got home about 9:30 p.m.  I was ready for him to be home with me.

My sedum are blooming and I love when they are this pretty pink color.

I'm looking forward to Tuesday when our calendar gives us a break, although some of the things on our calendar are fun things upcoming that we don't have to go to.


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