Sept 19 . . a Saturday

I woke to the sound of strong storms on Saturday morning.  I had to smile.  There is a saying that goes "It always rains the week of the fair" and for as long as I have been paying attention to see if it is true (maybe 29 years), it has always rained the week of the fair.  I was beginning to wonder whether this year would be the year that broke the record, and here we are the last day of the fair and it is raining.  It did make for a muddy mess in the parking lots.

I decided I needed a break to zone out and did a layout and created a new font challenge and html page and, of course, blogged and shared it.  I have so much else to do and I do this.  Sigh.

I made this compilation of photos to share on Facebook, rather than sharing a whole bunch of photos.  We managed to get two tickets to the meal at Centenary United Methodist Church to eat the famous Wimpyburgers and it was a lot of fun!  I was so excited and do hope they do it again.  I would love the recipe, but it is top secret!  Even the people at the church (as I learned later) all had to leave the room while the meat was being mixed.  There sure were a lot of people helping in that kitchen though!

It was so cool to see the original signs from the restaurant, the slideshow, and to meet one of the original owners of the restaurant.  Someone said he is 90 years old.  I asked him if he new hubby's Uncle Leon and he indicated he did and smiled, but did not say anything else.  He did not talk much and I got a feeling that his memory was fading.  

When I first got married and people learned my name, older folks would always ask if I was related to Leon because they would always have a Wimpyburger and then drive across the street to get gas and see Leon.  I was told so many kind things about it.  I've over the years learns more about the location of both and so this is exciting for me to have my first Wimpyburger!  Wow!  I thought it was just going to be a regular 'ol burger, but there certainly is something special in that burger! Yum!  We were stuffed!  Hubby bought a coaster with the Wimpy's drawing on it by that local artist whose name I cannot remember off the top of my head right now.

Back home, we worked on the yard.  Hubby cut the grass while I trimmed dead flowers back and dumped it in his truck for him to get rid of later.  There were these huge mushrooms in our yard and I noticed them in the neighbor's yard too.  Miss Tizzy photobombed me taking a photo of the mushroom and it crack me up.  See, it's twice as big as her head!  I hope the girls haven't been taste testing it as it might make them sick.

I also took Ria to Petco with me to exchange the harness.  I felt the smaller size would work, but just barely as it could go no bigger.  I am so much wanting it to work.  I know on Amazon the harness is so much cheaper and I'm wondering if I'm making a mistake buying it for more money.  It is about $17 on Amazon and $29 at Petco.  What a huge difference!  Of course, there is shipping added with the Amazon price, but not that much.  I'm beginning to think I should shop at Amazon more often.

This is a compilation of photos from our evening that I made to post on Facebook.  We left around 4:20 to walk to the fair and got our vests and money bags and went to work the gate.  We were supposed to work a different gate, but something happened the night before with someone else goofing up, so they moved us to another gate, I guess because we were new and did not want to give us a difficult job.

When the blue hour hit, I could not resist taking some photos.  It was such a blessing to enjoy the blue hour before my eyes with the lights of the fair.

I mostly counted people with a clicker and we were almost at 1,000 people when were were allowed to leave at about 8 p.m.  We had not eaten since noon, so we decided to walk around the fair and get something to eat.  We had nachos from 2 sides a grill'n's food truck.  I had to ask about the name and learned that it was two guys with the last name of Sides.  How funny is that.  I thought they were grilling on two sides of something.  The pork on it was delicious.  Then we had a gyro with some cheese fries from the Greek food truck.  I don't think I've ever had a gyro and I had heard they were good.  It was very good, but the cheese fries were not.  They were soggy and too spicy.

Then we meandered around to look at the truck pull at the grandstands, peaking over the fence.  We were laughing at how cool we thought the "pollution" was in the smoke plumes.

By the time we walked home it was rather late and my feet were hurting.


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