Sept 21 . . . a Monday

Oh my goodness, I'm so behind on blogging and I am going to try to catch up, but I cannot remember what I did each day.  Of course, this is the girls telling me they do not want me to go to work, but you can see in their eyes they are getting used to being alone during the day.

Last weekend I worked on cutting down foliage no longer in bloom and my sedum are really standing out so pretty now.  I went around the front of the house to take a photo of them.

At the front of the house, I decided to peek through the window at the girls to see what they did after I left.  This is it.  They are still in the same position that I left them in, motionless.  How can they sit there and not move?  I thought to myself as I kept snapping photos, "what good watchdogs."  So funny.  Miss Tizzy finally spotting me moving and they came barking at me at the window until they realized who I was.

I was so excited after work that the shoes I ordered had come in.  They are so cute!  I really like them.  They will be so good for the winter.  However, they are too small!  The are too tight!  I'm so unhappy!  I tried to wear them for a while thinking they might stretch out, but I can feel they are not wide enough.  I think I could deal with the length being tight, but not the width.  I'm trying to listen to myself in the past and remember how pushing to make a shoe work is something I will eventually regret.  I am going to have to send them back and I cannot re-order another pair until I get the money back in my account.  Sigh.

Not a happy camper.  It's been 2 1/2 years since I've gotten new shoes and I spent hours and hours over weeks shopping online (because no place locally carries my small wide size) only for it to all be a waste.

I grabbed a little to eat and rushed off to my class.  I was a little nervous, but it went well enough I felt.  To share how to use the face time and the phone, we had to call hubby and he was being so funny he had them all in smiles.  I took a screen shot during facetime and you can see a few of the faces in the room.  They were all smiles when they were walking out which made me feel good.  I started at the beginning with turning on the phone, but I still wondered if I was loosing some people and not going fast enough for others.  I lost three students who signed up who did not have an iPhone.  They did not realize it was a brand specific class and thought any smart phone would work.

After class I had to go do the cleaning job, so it was after 10 p.m. by the time I got home and my feet were hurting rather badly.  I think we watched a little t.v. though to settle down before going to sleep.


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