Sept 23 . . a Wednesday

Today is the first day of Autumn and I am surprised I did not realize it was here until I saw it all over Facebook.  I cannot believe the month is almost over!  I've been so busy.

I remember being focused on trying to catch up today finally feeling free from the busy last 10 days or so.  I commented on layouts and saved them for putting on the site later.

I got up and went to the kitchen and drew some graphics on a paper while on top of my Bible so that I could make some Digital Bible Journaling brushes with it.  I made myself a cup of tea which is so unusual to do anything like that before I go to work.  It made me have to go pee alllllll day having that one extra cup!  Wow!  I felt like I was loosing a ton of weight.

I tried to start on the brushes on my laptop, but it kept freezing every time I right clicked on something.  I was getting frustrated.

I had to do the cleaning job after work and honestly I cannot remember what else I did!  Did I work on the brushes again?  I think we worked in the yard again for a while when I first got home.  Time sure does fly.

From this photo, I do remember that we watched some t.v. and all the new episodes are beginning up again this week.  One day I got out my old laptop and put it on a t.v. tray in the living room so we could watch the CBS app without having to go to the bedroom laptop.  We can only watch Hulu on the big t.v.  It seemed to work fairly well to watch from the laptop.

The girls are always so cute to snuggle in my lap when I sit in my recliner.  Miss Tizzy found her sister to be a great pillow.


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