Sept 24 . . . a Thursday

I took almost no photos today!  Ack!  What did I do with my day?  This is a photo hubby took of mail that came today.  I got some RAM in the mail today for hubby's laptop that I sold.  I decided to go ahead and buy it and install it for the lady who got the laptop.  She is having trouble with the browser freezing after about 3 hours.  I told her to close her browser about every half hour or so to see if that helped.

I also got a check from a settlement for AT & T and I have no idea what it really is for.  I know people seem to sue them a lot.  I've always felt they are crooks.

Tonight I had a choice of either going to the women's Bible study or the photography group meeting and I choose to go to the photography group.  It was hard to choose.  It was a nice meeting and I sometimes think I talk too much, as always, but one friend told me she was glad I talked because I knew what I was talking about.  That made me smile.

I stayed up really late on my laptop working on the Digital Bible Journaing brushes.  It took a long time to put them in order by size.  Hubby helped me draw a few more so I could have an even 50.  Now I am ready for a video in the morning.


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