Sept 25 . . . a Friday

Hubby sent me this morning photo of the beautiful sunrise.

I recorded a video for using the Digital Bible Journaling brushes and I got it uploaded and started re-doing the class guide pages.  It felt good to get something done.

Mid morning I realized this was what my calendar looked like!  Nothing!  Wow!  When was the last time!  Plus hubby is going to be home!  I'm excited.
Hubby took this photo.  My shirts I ordered are taking forever to arrive.  I'm not sure I want to order from this online place again.  Two of the three finally arrived.  I tried them on after work and I think I like them, but I'm not sure because they are so huge and I have to see how they shrink up first.  I found it odd that it was shipped via Fedex, but then Fedex delivered it the day before to the regular USPS, which put it in the mailbox.  It is some agreement the company has with the two.  Weird and slow.  I don't remember the last time I got new clothes.  It has literally been 2 or 3 years.

After work we decided to go out to eat because it will be at least a month before we have a Friday night together again.  I had a craving for Mexican and went to a restaurant I thought we could sit outside to enjoy the weather, but the seats were all reserved for a big group.  We got our traditional cheese dip and chips.  These were the same chips that we used to love at our formerly favorite restaurant!  Nice and thin and hot.  I spotted our formerly favorite waiter and then was surprised when he waited on us!  He revealed to me that he is a part owner at this restaurant now, but that he works at several restaurants so he can see what sells best.  Now that seems a little crooked, but hey, they hire him and it seems smart too.

I got this dish from the recommendation and it was delisious.  I thought it needed something green.  Those bacon things are twirled up and rather good.  It also has beef, chicken, and shrimp on a bed of rice, with some other stuff.

Hubby got a chimichanga.  I finally convinced him to get something different than a burrito.

We were given complimentary dessert which was good, but we were so full.

We decided to go down to the river to walk around.  A barge came by and turned on its lights right at us!  So we decided to dance for them.  I wonder if they saw us and had a good smile.

Hubby was playing with his star gazing app while at the river and I had to laugh that the moon was in a chance position right on Neptune.  It was a little lower before I looked it up on my phone to get a screen shot.

A train came by while we were downtown too and we stuck around to enjoy its passing.

We went to the store to get some watermelon for tommorrow's potluck as that is what I was told to bring.  Then we picked up some Redbox movies to watch.

It was a nice evening together.


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