Sept 5 . . . a Saturday

I got up early enough and I could not figure where my time went.  I know I worked 1.5 hours on my Bible study part for the Bible journaling and then I worked even more time on the graphics part, and was happy with the layout, but where did the morning go?  It seemed that was all I got done.  Hubby did not get up until 10:00 a.m.

I took a shower and I think it was about 1:30 p.m. when we headed out for the day.  I wanted to do something with our three day weekend other than just stay at home, but I did not really want to travel either, and so was really torn on what to do. 

I had never been to Big Oak Tree State Park and had thought we would take a day trip, then visit a winery we had never been too.   We had gone once when the boys were little, but they were closed due to flooding and we just never made it back.

My phone ended up taking us in the wrong directions and we were going through a LOT of farm fields.  We felt like playing "name your crops for 100 please."  I have no idea what these crops are, but there were a lot of these growing.  We were guessing beans of some kind.  It really was a pretty drive though.  I wanted to get out and take photos, and we did stop a few times and I took some through my car window.  Everything is SO flat, so I think it was the pano in my phone of this shot that made it seem like a hill.

My phone took us down a four mile dirt road and we were trying to get to that green spot on this screen shot, but we kept loosing connection and had no idea where we were out in the middle of now where.  We were laughing a lot and having a good ol adventure!  

It took us to a spot and said get out of our car and walk a short distance.  There was no where to park and nothing to see what fields of crops!  We must have been on the edge of the state park somewhere.  Now these were bad directions!

We went down a road to something called 7 island conservation area which just look marshy and creepy and ended up at a boat launch area.  None of the water we saw was pretty.  It was an ugly dirty color like the muddy Mississippi.  We came to a regular road and had to guess where to turn several times.  All the sudden, there it was! The entrance to the park!  We thought it was somewhere else, but apparently we really did not know where we were.   Whoo hoo!

The park seemed small, but nice.  This is the entrance to the boardwalk trail.  There is one other trail in the park.

The boardwalk was metal!  Ah!  Not really a boardwalk unless you call it metal boards.  It seemed as if no one had been down the walk in a long time as there were cobwebs across the boardwalk.  I'm talking not just a few, but a lot and they were all huge.  So hubby got a stick and swung it in front of him clearing a path for me the entire way.  The trail was .7 of a mile down and .7 of a mile back.  His poor arm!  We made jokes and laughed a lot and I wrote a list of things we said down on my phone so I could put them on a layout later.

The main attraction of the park is to get a feel for what this area of Missouri affectionately calls "Swampeast Missouri."  Apparently the whole boardwalk is raised because often it is a swamp underneath it, but we did not find the swamp part until we reach almost to the end.  I was glad we kept going as we almost turned around because of the cobwebs. 

 It was wild walking on water way out in no-mans land with not a sole around.  It was kind of creepy too like it should be a seen in a scary halloween movie.

On the way back I took time to try to get some pano shots on my phone of the tall trees, since we did not have to knock down cobwebs.  The other feature of this park is the really tall trees.

There were three signs for champion trees, so I'm assuming the largest of those types of trees in the state, or at least of those that had been found.  This tree was 133 feet high!  The circumference is 14' 3" and the spread at the top of the leaves is 73 feet wide.  Wow!

It is a pretty walk if you take time to look up!

This part of the trail had a canopy made from the trees.  There were benches all along the trail where they added additional metal for the benches to set.

Another tall tree photo.

Apparently one of the champion trees had fall on Christmas day in 2006, so it got a new sign.

Here is the fallen tree, laying were it fell, rotting away.  There must be some life analogy to this with the new green growing forth atop of the decaying former champion.

Of course, there were more crop fields to drive through as we left.

We drove towards the winery in Bloomfield which ended up seeming like a much longer drive than we thought it would take.  

We kept wondering about the corn on some of the fields and debating it.  Hubby thought there was no corn and that it had been harvested since it was near brown or all the way brown.  I thought the corn had to be there yet because otherwise the machines to harvest the corn would have knocked down the stalks or at the very least made rows for the machines to go through.  So we got out to take a look.

I thought this was a pretty shot.

Yep, there was corn there!  I was right!  But the corn was dried and not with the pretty green covering as we find in the stores.  So why are they letting it get hard and dried?  Are they going to use it to sell for ethanol or some other product with corn in it?  Or is it now popcorn?  Inquiring minds want to know!

We stopped for a half hour at an antique market and when we left it was 5:30 and we realized we had kept them open a half hour late.  Then we could not get our GPS back, so we had no idea where we were going!

We spotted this old mushroom container that used to be in my kitchen growing up and it brought back bad memories of getting in trouble because we could never steal a cookie without mom knowing it because we could never get the little mushroom on the lid to be perfectly lined up or pointing as she had it facing.  She always knew when the lid was lifted because of her perfectionism.

Hubby found this white pot with a red rim that was just like the one his Grandma had on her back porch which he used to sit on to pee and poop in when it was too cold to go to the outhouse.  The one she had did have a lid though, which was a good thing to keep the smell in!

I did buy a teacup with lily of the valley flowers on it because those were my Grandma's favorite flowers, as well as a small inexpensive topiary to put on the shelf in the living room.  We spent very little money as each was only a few dollars.

At the Boat House winery, when we finally found it without GPS down in no-mans land, we got this bottle of wine.  We found the winery to be more like a party place which was tipped off by the guy that had "security" across his shirt when we walked in.  There were not many choices of wine for dry and white and I learned later they are bottled in Ste. Gen and labeled for this winery.  I think it is ridiculous that they are almost $20 a bottle at Schnucks in town, but this was $16 on location.  Much too high of a price for something you do not even grow yourself to make.  But the wine tasted okay.

We stayed until 7:30 p.m. and the music never started, but the sign on the door said they were open until midnight tonight, so I'm guessing the party crowd had yet to come.  There was a class reunion gathering when we were there and a few more tables on the patio were beginning to fill. We were guessing this was where the band was going to play.

This is a look at the patio area.  I thought the tables looked unpleasant as they were faded white on the tops.  I wondered if that was a stage area for a band or if people danced there.  There were fire rings down between the patio area and the pond and the ground lacked grass or green growth as if lots of people had stood around partying in that area many times.

Hubby really wanted the cheese bread sticks.  They were good, but not really my thing.

I had a salad and it was good.  Everything was fresh and piled high.

Hubby had a turkey and bacon sandwich and it was good.  But after I got home I wondered about the bill as it seemed as if we paid much too much for what we got.  

We walked down to the pond.

The pond was not that pretty.  It was muddy and murky and had dead leaves sprinkled all over it.  I guess that is the way all man made ponds are though.

This is a view from the pond up to the building.  It is rather a neat place and it is clean, but there was something off about it.  The railing on the deck was unsafe and I hope they fix it soon.  After I got home someone told me the place is up for sale.

We did a selfie for fun.

It was closing in on 8 p.m. when we left and it was the "blue hour" and pretty.

We were so glad to reach back home though.  The dogs were starving as it was a long time since their meal time.


Tammy said…
Looks like a really great day. That boardwalk walk looks fun!

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