Sept 6 . . a Sunday

I'm writing this days later and I cannot remember what I did on this day.
I know I worked a long time one day on the website and I think it was this day.  

I worked trying to fix the mobile compatibility issues of the website.  I solved one of the problems Google tells me is with the site, the one I had worked so long on before, and it was fixed so quickly!  I was thankful.   

Then I worked on the second and just got frustrated as each time I change the template the whole website has to be uploaded again.  Eventually, I suppose because I was using so much bandwidth, my own hosting began to block my IP so I could not upload!  Of course, I was in a panic because the whole site had gone down and I could not get it back up.  Sigh.  

Then I thought maybe I could just start from scratch looking at a mobile template for the site and creating a new template from scratch, only to learn that there is something new out there called "Bootstrap" because all the basic templates in Dreamweaver have been replaced with them.

Ack!  I don't want to learn Bootstrap!  Why do they always take something that is perfectly good and create something new?  Bootstrap apparently was created by those who created Twitter's coding and it is a new coding for building websites.  The purpose is so that websites can be responsive for mobile-friendly sites.  It looks fairly user friendly and the coding is very similar to the old, so it is easy to interpret.  However, just having to take time out of my busy time already to learn something new is not something I want to do and I'm going to kick and scream and complain until I get it figured out.

We decided to do the half-price appetizers in the afternoon at Applebees and there are these new devices at each table which are pretty cool.  I forget what she called them, I think it was TED.  You can pay 99 cents and play games, which might appeal to children, but I could also view our order and bill before we paid, as well as order additional appetizers or desserts.  I liked being able to see an image of each of the foods and it would be cool to be able to order this way for the whole meal without the complicated menu to read.

We love the pretzel sticks with the beer-cheese sauce.  We tend to have it every time.

We tried the new appetizer meatballs with bread.  It was good, but nothing I want to order again.

We split their new brunch burger which had hashbrowns, bacon, and an egg on top.  We cut into the egg and it ran down all over the burger and plate.  Ack!  We do not like runny eggs!  We were not expecting it at all and had to send it back for a fully cooked egg.  If I liked runny eggs, I'm sure it was perfect and beautiful, but I do not.  Our new burger did taste good though and we enjoyed it.

When we got home, we made for a tackle of the stuff behind the closet door.  Goodness, this is a long overdue project.  It is a result of our empty nester syndrome of cleaning and reorganizing the house.  Things that used to be in other places that had not found a home yet were piled together to get to later.  I think this pile is at least a year old!  It is not an easy pile to tackle either.  We managed to throw away a lot of it and put away a lot of it.  

By the time we were done, it was half the size it was before.  Some of the things got reorganized and put in new to-do boxes, such as we have a box of photos that still need to go into the albums that we started re-doing now I think two years ago, so there were more photos added to that box.  Similarly, there are documents that need to be added to the albums for special documents, such as graduation, wedding announcements, deaths, and the like, so they got gathered into a pile.  I felt bad taking some of the things out of boxes only to put them back in a box to get to later.  The plan would be not to let it take that long before we tackle it again. 

It was a job I was saving for winter cold days stuck inside, but instead we are doing it on a day when it is too hot to want to go outside.  We wanted to go giver wallowing today, but really did not want to spend the gas money.


Tammy said…
Love Applebees. Especially their half-price appetizers. :)

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