Sept 8 . . . a Tuesday

Today is my sister's birthday.  I'll text her because I want to do the right thing, but I know she'll ignore me, so I did.

I recorded the video today for the border near the edge of a layout and got it uploaded and posted before work.

The finally came to begin working on the gas lines which is why the flags and lines were marked in our yard, although they are not working anywhere near our yard.  I had to laugh when during lunch I saw this lady putting on what seemed to be a hazmat suit, complete with head gear.  If it is that unsafe, do I need to be nearby in my house?  What if it all blows up!  Oh, I'm sure we're safe, but the thought did occur.

This is a guy going down in the hole in the street.  It was rather deep and I was surprised that the gas lines were so far down under the street.

After work I took some time to do some trimming around the yard of stalks that contained done-blooming flowers.  I left several rather large piles for hubby to pick up to dispose.  There is a lot more of this work to be done.

These flowers were still blooming and they got cut accidentally, so I stuck them in a glass on the table.

Then I decided to switch gears and make myself work on my genealogy.  Trying to make myself compile genealogy information I've gathered through the years and put it on the website. Where to start? I've lots of boxes! Some huge! Here are two Geile, Finlay, Grunke, Reitz boxes. What treasures will I find to share? Will anyone but me care?

Okay, first bit of info is up! I transcribed my Great-great Grandpa's obituary. It is a great honor to be his Great-great Granddaughter! He was quite the prominent citizen in Perry County, Missouri, from building roads between Ste. Genevieve and all over Perry County, to saving the community from the Great Depression, to church member, to Sheriff, to father of 10, blacksmith, "helping hand" and more.

His funeral reminds me of one I attended earlier this year, my Uncle Bob's (Great-grandson of John F. Geile) which I believe was the biggest funeral I have ever seen. I do believe there is a saying, "He came from good stock."

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Dawn said…
So funny that they are working on gas lines there, cause they are at my place, too!

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