Sept 9 . . . a Wednesday

I did not take any photos today. So unusual for me.

I stayed up so late working on genealogy that I am extremely tired today.

I started in the morning working on the website again because I had begun cleaning up the coding and organizing the folders to the website. I opened the template and it seemed there was a lot of unnecessary coding, so I started deleting some of it. This turned out to be a frustrating task as sometimes when I deleted some things it really messed with the site. It also appeared to be uploading automatically each time I saved and also getting hung up when the template updated the pages. Oh no! I had just emailed relatives to look the night before and now they were going to look this morning and it was all messed up! I had to leave for work and I hated leaving it in a mess.

After work. I worked all night trying to figure out what was wrong and finally I added "#inside" to the css code and it fixed everything. That was frustrating! I am glad it is fixed. This code is a new "bootstrap" code and you may hear me long distance over the miles screaming and complaining every step of the way as I make myself learn this new coding. Bootstrap is meant to be a responsive site for mobile devices and eventually I will have to change all my websites over. I would have never guessed I would need to use a mixture of coding on my site.

Around 10 p.m. I began scanning the photos I found that were mailed to me by a second cousin of my mom and Uncle Bob's (Eileen Finlay _____) that I connected with in Ireland in 2006. She ran right out and took these photos. There were a few on the website, but these are better scans than the previous and I also uploaded the full size so you can download them if you want. Just click on each image on the page and it will open up the full size.

Click here to go to the page with the photos.

I have lost contact with Eileen and I am afraid she may have passed away. All I have is an address in Ireland which I plan to write today and hope that someone answers. I'm not sure I ever learned her married last name.

In addition, I have added some of the locations from the obituary in Perry County and from the homestead to the map on the homepage of the site. I find it fun to go into Google maps and find the street few and it feels as if I am there traveling the road.

I also updated the obituary page with some links and a photo to some of the locations in the obituary so you can read more online about John F. Geile.

I should have been prepping for my class tomorrow night.  I'm a bit worried at my time management.

Hubby got some good news today that he is going to begin working the day shift next week.  We are both excited about it, but a little bit apprehensive.  We love being on the same schedule, but then again, I have trouble getting work done when he is around.  This shall be a learning lesson for both of us as we strive to be productive, yet spend time together.

Our son called hubby and said the pipes in his house were backing up and that he had someone coming tomorrow, but wanted to come over to use our shower at 5 a.m. in the morning.  Of course, we're always happy to have him come over no matter the time.

I think it was about 2 a.m. when I went to bed.


Dawn said…
I'm glad you're getting your genealogy done. I know that's important to you.

I'm sending prayers up that you will get a response from Ireland!!

Yay for a change in schedule for hubby, and I hope that it proves productive for you both.
Hummie B said…
Thanks for reading Dawn and for the prayers.
Tammy said…
Oh, I want to go to Ireland!!!!!!!

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