September 13 . . . a Sunday

It feels like a very busy weekend.

We enjoyed Worship at church and then small group after started up.  We are studying the Revelations that is in the magazine I had shared with the group.  We seem excited.

We got home at noon and had only enough time to change clothes and hubby ran to the bank for some cash before we headed to the fair.  I worked on renaming hubby's laptop which we've sold.  I was one of three judges for the photography contest.  Goodness, was it difficult sometimes to choose.

I was happy that we all three agreed most of the time.  We only got hung up one time. 

These are all the adult blue ribbons from which we had to choose a best of show.  Wow!  Was that difficult!  There was always some difficulty in debating what aspect was more important or should be weighted more.

I felt bad for hubby who had to wait three hours!  By the time I was done, he was ready to go home.  I did not know it would take us that long.  We did walk around the fair for a while anyway and stopped to sit for a while to watch the horses and riders do the barrel racing.  We, of course, had the traditional funnel cake.

We got home around 5 p.m. and I finished up getting hubby's laptop ready by uninstalling the antivirus. Then I took off to our friend's house who bought the computer and helped install her security programs and hook it up to her wi-fi.  We chatted a while.

I got home at 8 p.m. and had not eaten yet, so we put in a few pizzas.  It was such a long busy day, but a good day.  The weather is one of those perfect weather days around 77 degrees.


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