September 26 . . . a Saturday

We left the house earlier than normal to attend a gathering of the international host families and students at 10 a.m.  My student did not attend.  That made me sad.  Her friend attended and promised me that next time she would drag her out of bed.  She indicated that people in Spain sleep late and that she did not want to get out of bed so early.  Hubby came with me and we had a great time chatting and meeting people from all over the world.

The party hosts had the most fabulous back yard!  It went down a hill, across a creek, and into the woods. 

We brought cut up watermelon as we were requested to do.  The husband host grilled hamburgers.

At the back of the wooded area was a seating area and a water fountain.  It looked so natural (cannot see it in this photo), but we learned that the water was being pumped in from the pond down the hill.

This is the path to the pond down the hill.

This is the pond and you can see to the right of the photo part of the pump and pipes.  What an amazing set up!  

This is walking back from the pond.  They had little paths and places to explore everywhere.

The had this game set up to play with golf balls on strings to throw and wrap around the poles

They had this fun game of shooting water balloons.  I really want one of these toys!  You put the water balloon in thingy and pulled back the flexible ropes (man, I cannot think of the right words right now!) and let it go.

Of course, hubby had to go up and volunteer to be a target.

We had a little bit of time before our next planned adventure and started watching one of the movies we could not stay awake to finish watching the night before.  Isn't Miss Tizzy just the most cutest dog on erf?  I tell her that all the time.

We arrived at The Barrens around 2:00 and began enjoying our wine outdoors.

We had this cheese bread appetizer which was more like a pizza and just overloaded and totally yummy.  We were full from the potluck and did not want to eat much food.

The music was right behind us.

As we watched the food coming out to other tables, we could not resist ordering more food, even though we had no room in our tummy's.  Hubby just had to have some french fries and we decided to get the combo appetizers.  It was all good
We were chosen to do the wine stomp and were happy because it was what we had come for.  I had never stomped berries before and now I can mark it off my bucket list.  Four couples went and we were the first.  I tried to do my best Lucille Ball, but then saw hubby was just working away at his berries and not having fun at all.  He really wanted to win!  That spoiled my fun as I started to compete.

Hubby won, but you can see from this photo that I was not far behind him.  I watched a video and I was actually going much faster than I remembered going.
This is a photo of the jug after several other teams went.   There sure was a lot of juice.
Since hubby won, he had to go again against another winner.  It was the competition of the big feet!  We had been joking that it was because of their big feet that they won their first round.  Hubby won!  He was supposed to go again for a final win, but they decided to give both of them gift certificates instead.

We saw all these fields along the way as we were driving and learned that they are soybeans.  I asked why they were allowed to die until completely dead and learned that it is the best for processing and that soybeans and corn are in a lot of products that we would never think.  I was told to read labels and we would see it.


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