September 27 . . a Sunday

After church and small group, we had plans to go to Apple Creek winery with the team who helps with the charity dinner at church.  It was a nice opportunity to fellowship and get to know people we work together with each month.  We bought a bottle of wine.

We got the bread and oil appetizer, still being full from all the food yesterday.  It really was not that good, but we ate it.

We had a good time, although we both admitted we felt like outsiders looking in and trying to interject into their conversations.

We left the winery early to head to Cape Splash for doggy swim day at 4 p.m.  Ria and Tizzy were cling-ons!  They really do not like the water, but they behave for momma.  It is good for them to be familiar with water so I want to take the opportunities.  Both of them would swim well from out in the pool when released to swim towards daddy at the edge of the pool.  I think it develops confidence to know they can do it should they ever have to do it.  When I started in the pool with just my swimsuit on, the girls would try to climb to my shoulders and their paws would go down inside my suit.  They scratched my boobs all up!  The next day they were streaked with vertical scratches.  I had one on my neck too.  It was too long and I put my shirt on over my suit to protect myself.

We watched the eclipse of the blood moon late into the night from our driveway.  We could even see it from our living room, which was perfect as we watched t.v.  I tried to get some photos of it, this one here with my cell phone, but neither camera did well.  I don't have the right lens.  It was a miracle to see as the moon move along the sky, then eclipsed and turned red.  We got out the binoculars that were my Dad and Grandpa's and that was fun to see too.

We went to bed exhausted from the busy weekend.  At least it was all fun activities and the weather was beautiful.


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