September 30 . . . a Wednesday

I took no photos this day.

I could not sleep as in the middle of the night I began to develop a painful bulge on the left side of my throat.  By morning it had moved across my throat.  As the day went on, I was feeling worse by the hours.

I worked the entire day on writing advent devotionals.  My church had a deadline of October 1 for submitting and I was invited to submit some.  I had written one previously, but I got four done today.  That is time consuming!  I did one before work, one while I did the phones at work, one during my lunch hour, and one around 11 p.m.  That makes a total of 5 done.

I had to do the cleaning job in the evening and went to bed far later than I should have, but I took some medication which is messing me up.


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