I can do anything, but not everything at once!

9.10.13 Arrow Prayer: Lord, thank you for the time you have given me to get things done. Of course, I am my own worst enemy! I have SO many things I want to do that I feel overwhelmed. I am fully aware these are tasks I've put on myself and my own to-do list, often feeling as if people are waiting on me, feeling pressure, when actually they may be very patient. I get SO overwhelmed I do not know where to start! Help me choose, Lord. Help me choose where to start and help me prioritize so I can lighten this load that feels like such a burden and take one small task at a time. Now how many times have I done this to myself? I'm sorry for being this sinful mixed up being! I know You care about me and want me to be a better balance of self-discipline and carefree.


Shonna Bucaroff said…
Amen!!! When I get overwhelmed like that, I end up shutting down (which makes things worse). Thanks for your prayer Hummie!!

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