Ideas to Show Your Pastor You Appreciate Him

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Here are some ideas to show your Pastor you appreciate him.

Accept ownership of the pastor's vision.

Actually pray for his needs after he tells you what they are.

Anonymously leave his favorite candy bar on his desk or in his mail slot.

Arrange for a fall or spring housecleaning for his home.

Ask him if you can go along on those hospital and shut-in visits.

Ask the pastor, "how can i help you?"

ask the mayor to proclaim a pastor appreciation day in the city.

Attend church regularly.

Bake the pastor a cake.

Bake the pastor some cookies.

Be aggressive in forming a personal realtionship with the pastor.

Be a good follower.

Be a good listener, let his sermons sink deep.

Be available and willing to listen to his plans for change and growth.

Be consistent in your witness and work in the church.

Believe with him that god desires to do "new things" in the church.

Buy his wife a new dress.

Call him on the phone and ask what his prayer needs are.

Clap for the pastor one Sunday morning as he enters the sanctuary or approaches the pulpit.

Compliment him for timely sermons.

Compliment him when he does things right.

Defend the pastor against faultfinders.

Display a teachable spirit, let the pastor disciple you.

Discover your spiritual gifts, and actually do something with them in your church.

Don't criticize the pastor.

Don't ever say, "we've never done it that way before."

encourage him with words and works.

Encourage the pastor's children.

Feature a write-up in the local newspaper/radio about the pastor.

Furnish him with fishing equipment and encourage him to get away from strain and stress.

Give him a box of candy.

Give him a gift.

Give him a love offering.

Give him tickets to a special event/activity.

Give the pastor a cost-of-living increase in salary each year. Have confidence in the pastor's motives and abilities.

Help send the pastor and his family on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

Honor and respect the pastor.

Hug him and tell him you love him.

Introduce the pastor to a hobby.

Invite him to lunch and let him relax with you.

Invite the pastor and his wife to your home for a meal.

Let him make mistakes, he's human after all.

Let the pastor dream and be creative.

Listen to him, let him share his story.

Listen to the pastor's long-range goals and plans.

Make him a pan of fudge or candy.

Make sure he has a day off each week.

Meditate on last Sunday's sermon.

Mow his lawn -- anonymously -- while he's away from home.

Offer to assist him with personal things- auto repair, errands, home repairs.

Offer to baby-sit.

Order a pizza and send it to his home.

Order him a special book.

Plan a church-wide surprise birthday party for him.

Plan a church appreciation banquet for the pastor.

Plant a tree in honor of your pastor.

Pray for your pastor and wife by name every day.

Pray together with your pastor.

Prepare a meal for the pastor and his family, talk to him, build a present the pastor with a plaque recognizing his achievements and honoring his commitment.

Provide him with membership to a health club.

Quit complaining.

Refrain from saying, "that will cost too much."

relationship of teamwork and trust.

Redecorate the pastor's office.

Remember the birthday of his wife and children.

Say "amen!" (at the appropriate times) while he's preaching.

Say to him, "i'm with you, you can count on me."

say to him very often, "i am praying for you."

see that the pastor has time to be alone with god, time for his family and personal time.

Send him a small (one or two sentence) card of encouragement once a week for a month.

Send him a fruit basket with a message of love from your family.

Send him a simple thank you note.

Send flowers to his home with a note of love and respect.

Send the pastor a humorous card- brighten his day.

Send the pastor to a special conference or seminar.

Show the community "love in action" by the way you provide for the pastor and support him.

Stand by him when he is in the line of fire.

Stand up for his programs.

Stick with him when you don't understand his reasoning and approach.

Subscribe to a ministerial magazine for him.

Support the pastor with your time, talents, tithing and treasures.

Take him on an outing with you.

Treat the pastor's wife to a hair styling.

Trust the decisions of the pastor.

Volunteer to help him in a special project.

Wash your pastor's car.

When you see him on Wednesday, tell him about the new insights you have as a result of meditating on last Sunday's sermon.

Write the pastor a letter and express love and appreciation.


Anonymous said…
This all seem so much for a pastor. But if we truly believe in our Pastor, not only will he and his family be blessed, but as children of God, we'll be blessed as well. 'He goes before us, for us'.

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