Newsletter Notes

I remembered this morning that I failed to send out by email a note of the new video I made over the weekend.  Click here to read about it on the blog post and then click the link to go to the class guide.

Glenda put a generous freebie in the Facebook Group and I am not sure how much longer she will leave it up, so if you want it, be sure to act quickly.  Click here to see preview.

moved the linky to the homepage of the website, so if you upload a lesson and want to share with others to find it, be sure to add it to the linky.  I've been working a lot lately on cleaning up wording on the website.  Putting the linky on the homepage caused me to review some of the help pages as I needed to move information off the homepage to make room for the linky.  I've been working hard behind the scenes to add student images to the class guides, mostly in Course 2, but more recently in the About Me/Book of Me class because there seems to be an interest for that class in the Facebook Group (which seems to keep me busy as it is so active and I'm so thankful for that).

The new DigiHop colors and theme are out, so we welcome you to design and share what you have created with the linky.  Read more here or here.

I do not remember if I included the Harvest border freebie in the last email, but it was made for the Digital Bible Journaling group and it is exclusive as a download in the file sections of that group.  See preview here.  Next month the theme is "sheep" in that group.

I have been super busy teaching night classes and tutoring in the evenings now for months.  It is hard for me to get things done around the site when my calendar is full.  I hope it lightens soon and I can get to even more new content for you. 

May this email find you in a world full of beautiful things for you to enjoy and surrounded by people who love you.

Until next time,


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