Nov 2015 DigiHop

Hello everyone! Here is the palette and theme for November 2015. Anyone from any site may create and share. We would love to have you join us.

The "classic" theme is wide open for your creative ideas.  Although the colors are inspired by a photo of classic cars which I took, the colors are also fitting for Fall. Think about anything that might be classic, from traditions during the holidays, to classic books, to classic activities in the season, to classic music, to classic games, to classic sporting events, to classic art.  Anything that comes to your mind as classic is a go!  Just be inspired and create where your heart leads.

Get creative making kits, mini kits, quick pages, templates, or any other seemingly endless freebie! If you have any questions about the DigiHop, feel free to leave a comment and we will reply as quickly as possible.

Remember, you should use neutral colors, such as white, black, grey, tan, and cream, in your designs. Also, you may choose just one, two, or a few colors in the palette for designing; you do not need to use them all.

Please read our 'about page' for more information.

Dates: Add freebies: November 15 - November 19

Please share the hop on blog posts, social media, newsletters, and other resources to this post.

Please be sure to add your preview image to the link. Thumbnail Images at 300 px are enabled.


Anonymous said…
I did not realize it until after I posted, but the colors are very similar to Septembers! I apologize. I was just inspired by the photo I took not realizing what was done previously.
Liza Guitte said…
My kit is ready ;)
AMarie T said…
Mine, too.
Crystalnva said…
Thanks so much ladies for all your lovely kits, templates and quick pages :)

Sorry I haven't been around - still haven't got my Stash back yet from being restored... will be back when I get it back... it's costing me $$$

So Happy Thanksgiving to All - (I know I'm a bit late) and I'll see you again soon... Hugs, Jemima

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