Oct 23 . . . a Friday

I miss the sunrise, but hubby gets to see it from work every day and I appreciate him sharing it with me in texts.  I got up early today, at about 4:45 p.m., and got rolling right away. However, as always, I wonder where my time goes.  What happened to the productive machine monster of days of old?  I managed to finish writing one advent devotion for Dec 11 and almost finished December 12.

This is Miss Tizzy as I left for work.  She hurt her paw or leg last night and was limping and not walking on it.  Her legs are pencil thin so I worry she may have fractured something.  I looked all over last night and could not pinpoint where she was hurting.  I had decided to dremil both girls toenails and that seemed to help.  This morning I pinpointed it to be somewhere below the knee as she flinched.  She seems to be putting it down more than last night which is promising, but she is shaking sometimes which indicates pain.  I'm glad to see her snuggled in for the morning while I'm gone at work and pray she heals quickly.

There are no squirrels in the cages.  Sigh.  I guess they don't like apples and peanut butter.  In front of the bigger cage, a squirrel left me a taunting message in the form of a geranium it had cut off.  It's as if it is saying, "ah, I know what a cage is, so I'm going to avoid it and I'm still gonna go after your flowers, see if you can catch me!"

At lunch time I moved the cages because we still had not caught any.  Hubby had put them out in the middle of the front yard and I think they need to be more hidden so the squirrel feels secure.  I moved one to the flower bed where I see them digging every morning and the other underneath the forsythia bush near the bird feeder they like to attack.  I sprinkled some bird seed near the entrance of the cage in hopes of luring them and making them feel comfortable with the cage.

After work there still are no squirrels!  I guess we have smart squirrels!  I decide I need to find their "currency" and read some more online what they like to eat.  I got a bowl this time and added broccoli, lettuce, and sunflower bird seed, put the bowl in the back of the cage, and reset the springs.

My boss had talked for 45 minutes, so I left work 45 minutes late and now an hour has gone of my free night home.  I had meant to go straight to the store to pick up some wine and chips so I could have an evening home relaxing and working being productive on my computer.  So I headed to the store, but ended up buying a lot more groceries than I intended.  I was mad at myself because I had to spend time putting it all away now and it was 7:30 p.m.  What!!!  Where did my free evening go!  I am not happy.  

Hubby had to work this evening and was sending me photos of the sunset.  I sat down to drink wine and eat chips and watch t.v. because I'd been up since 4:45 a.m. and was too tired to think.  It was almost 9 p.m. before he came home.  I'm exhausted and I've gotten nothing done today.


Tammy said…
Beautiful sunrise and sunset!!

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