Oct 24 . . . a Saturday

So, this morning I awoke around 6 a.m. and got right up to start working, but as always, it seems the morning is getting away from me!  It's now 9 a.m. as I begin to type this.

I decided to move the linky to the homepage of the website.  You can visit there now to add your links.  It seems rarely anyone comments on the chatter & linky posts and I am talking to myself.  I don't need to post what I am doing every day on my blog posts and in the chatter post.  I can just do it in one place and you can post what you are doing right in the comments of my daily blogging to chatter with me.  It is sort of embarrassing to have that stickied at the top of the page with me talking to myself.

So editing the home page led me to edit a bunch of other pages, mostly the help pages, on the website.  It has taken me a few hours to do that.  It takes a lot of thought to, to try to organize it all.  My head hurts!  I needed to move information from the home page to another page so people would not have to scroll so far down to find the linky.

Well, we had a surprise this morning!  If you read my recent blog posts, you'll see we are setting up cages to catch squirrels!  Look what we caught today!  Ah!  I never expected this.  The squirrel who left me a flower yesterday (see that blog post) probably is sitting back laughing at us and at the opossum!  

I wonder where this opossum sleeps during the day?  Why have I never seen him before?  He sure hides good!  I cannot imagine where he has been hanging out.

I have a few hours to shower and dress and get something else done.

Hubby is in the shower and getting ready to take Mr. Opossum out near Trail of Tears.
I have a get-together scheduled with some high school and college friends.  I'm anxious to see them.

The girls just discovered Mr. Opossum and are barking up a storm at the living room window!

I managed to add some layouts to Course 2 around the 46-51 lessons.  I finished the Dec 12 devotion.

I packed my lunch and when I arrived at the park it was raining. It rained almost the entire team set in the shelter at the park, but it was a nice soft rain.  My friend with latex allergies said that it helped to have the rain to keep the dust and stuff them on the road so she did not have any reactions.

Fall is really beginning to show its colors now. We do not see many reds, but lots of yellows and oranges.

I took my selfie stick and we tried stealing with some pretty trees in the background.

Later we took another one from the picnic bench. We left. We cried. And I hugged. We have been friends over 33 years and counting. It is such a blessing.

However we are going to have to get better at sharing with each other. It takes effort. Especially since we all live so far away.

I went to the fabric place after the gathering and bought some new reader glasses. I bought four pair, since I'm missing two, so I have a couple extra in case I lose more.

And hubby and be in and hubby and I made pizza and watched TV the rest of the evening.

I watched a squirrel go all the way inside the smaller cage and the door never came down. I went outside and got her to hit to go down myself. Apparently my husband set the trap like he does everything, so securely and tightly. That stunk. But at least we know that the squirrel is comfortable going in the cage, so maybe we will catch one by morning.


Tammy said…
Our opossums are often road kill...
Hummie B said…
I don't see them too often here as road kill. I think they are fairly harmless.

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