Oct 30 . . . a Friday

Around 7 a.m., as I lay in bed trying to get going, we heard a noise and all three of us jumped (me and the girls).  But I shrugged it off and then about 10 minutes later there were more noises and the girls demanded to go outside.  I discovered the reason for the noise.  It was a squirrel in the trap and it was angry and moving so much I thought the cage would slide off the storage shed.  Later, the neighbor's dog Bear came out and started barking at the squirrel, so we all had to go outside again.  What a ruckus!  I thought the poor squirrel was going to be scared to death, literally!  I moved it to the front porch until hubby got home.  It was a big full grown squirrel and it was feisty.

There was frost on the windshield as I left for work.  I'm not ready for all this cold weather.

I did manage to work on the class guides today and tried to keep up some in the Faceboook group.  I'm almost done with the Book of Me class.  I was thinking of throwing out some more new lessons with it to complete the third set.  I'm also reading up on how to publish a book.  I'm thinking about taking the advent devotionals and making them into a book.  Lots to think about in that.  A lot of new techy stuff to learn.

After work I was excited that hubby was home for the first Friday evening in a long time with me, but his back was hurting all day fairly bad, so we could not do much.  I found him in the bathtub soaking when I got home.

Then we caught another squirrel!  This time it was a baby squirrel.

There was the cleaning job first, then we both road across the Mississippi River to take the baby to the same spot the large squirrel was taken earlier in the day.  We were trying to be kind and humane about it.

To recap because I want to count.
Fri Oct 25: None
Sat Oct 24: Large opossum #1 (large cage)
Sun Oct 25: None
Mon Oct 26: Squirrel #1 (large cage)
Tues Oct 27: child opossum #2 (small cage); squirrel #2 (small cage);
squirrel #3 (large cage in backyard)
Wed Oct 28: None
Thur Oct 29: Squirrel #4 (large cage)
Fri Oct 30:  Squirrel #5 & #6 (large cage)

My goal is to catch as many as I easily saw at any given time and then quit.  I don't want to irradiate them, but just make them fewer and less destructive.  My goal was 3 in the front yard and 6 in the back yard.  We've caught 2 in the front and 4 in the back, so I want to catch 3 more if possible before we stop.  We haven't caught any in the front yard in days, although the trap was set off one day.  I moved the trap in hopes that would help.  It is a lot calmer around the house already.  A friend offered after November 15 to have her son come and take the squirrels, so we may do some more again..  We'll see.

We made pizza's in the oven and watched t.v.  It felt like a wasted night.


Tammy said…
Hope your hubby's back is better.

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