October 10 . . . a Saturday

I don't know where my time is going lately in the mornings.  I don't seem to be getting things done as I used to be.  I seem to be sleeping later too.  It must be that getting older thing and doing too much and needing a break.  I tried to do something.  Just reading emails and replying to people in various places seems to be all I can muster.  I had it in my mind to do something, but I did not know what and thinking about what to do took all my time too!

I had a free day and I was so excited about that!  We thought about all the things we could do with our day and I really just wanted to stay home and enjoy our home and the beautiful perfect weather day.  We ended up making a list of things to do so I could get them out of my head. 

Everything seems to take much longer than I think it will.  I was swiffering the house and was amazed at how dirty it was! Wow! See, these new floors we got really were a good choice as they hide all the dirt!  lol  I need to spend more time cleaning the house.

I'd been getting out Fall curtains and rotating them earlier in the week, but I started getting out Fall decorations and putting away Summer ones today.  I did not finish the task, but there is tomorrow.

Then I worked a while bringing in more things from the garden.  We always bring in everything for the Winter and put it back out in the Spring.  It takes a while.  Everything needs to be cleaned before it is put away.  

I brought in some ferns.  I did not get a photo of them, but I am amazed at how well they look after they had already withstood one winter.  I did not want to deal with what we call "fern poop" again though, so we explored options in the basement because there the fern poop could just be swept up.  If only we could get some light in the basement.  We have the windows covered up, but we uncovered two of them and hubby cleaned them and we actually got light through the windows!  That is nice!  Wow!  So if we can keep them uncovered, maybe the ferns will last the winter in the basement.  It's worth a try.  We put in some hooks and some twine for hanging them in front of the windows.  If a big rain is forecast, we can always recover the windows for a few days.

I emptied a lot of the hanging pots and put them in the shed and others got brought into the patio.  We are going to have to deal with the banana plants soon too, but I cannot bring myself to do it just yet.

I tried a recipe for white chocolate, lemon, poppyseed blondies.  I think they baked too long even though I baked according to the recipe.  I like them, but not enough to make them again.  We decided to have an afternoon tea together on the patio.

How fun to have an afternoon tea for two!

I had changed Siri to a British accent during one of my recent iPhone classes and we were laughing at it and decided to ask Siri what time is afternoon tea and it gave us the current time!  lol  No matter how I phrased it, even adding locations, it gave me the current time.  I guess any time is a good time for tea! That's the answer!  lol

I worked on my journaling Bible covering up that one thing I drew Thursday night by first penciling over it, then putting medium over it, and then white acrylic paint.  Now I'm not sure what to put on top of that.  At least what I put that I don't like is gone.

I had made a roast with potatoes today and I had put some green beans with bacon in the toaster oven for a few hours.  The house smelled wonderful!

Around 5 p.m. we had dinner at the kitchen table and really enjoyed it.

It was after 6 and we left to go shopping at Wal-mart.  In our list of to-do's there was several things we remembered that we just needed to go buy.  We had to get a smoke detector as ours was dead weeks ago.  I want to get tulips to plant for the Spring as I made a note that I had none this past Spring.  We ended up with a huge cart of things that we had put off buying forever and ever as we just never shop for anything but groceries and regular household stuff.  It hit the pocket book too.  I guess I'd rather not shop and have money than have things.


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