October 11 . . a Sunday

I am forever amazed at how often and how many treats are offered between serves at my church.  I've never been to a church to do this before.  They are always having some reason and often I do not even know the reason.  Today I was good and walked by without grabbing anything.  This is not food good for the diet!  I often do fairly well in eating very little or not at all.

I visited an acquaintance in the children's classrooms and found this to be so much fun!  Anywhere there was paint on the wall, it was magnetic.  There were magnetic strips stuck to the back of the blocks.  Now I feel I just have to find out what kind of paint that is and make one in my house.  
They use this big one as a bulletin board, all with magnetic stickies on the back.

Before church I printed off Tara's drawing and used the medium to put it in my Biible.  I found when I got to small group after church that because the ink had not dried, the medium made these cool streaks down the paper.  I wondered if it would show through after I colored.

I colored this while small group discussions were going on.  I tried stopping several time and thinking on the verse, but it was hard to listen and think at the same time.  I suppose that's why I should do this when nothing else is going on.  I got some new tools at Walmart for drawing and I forgot to get a photo of them.  I will have to do that yet.  I really liked using them.

We finished putting out Fall decorations in the home and I like the change.  Here are some pillows.
We love Eeeeeek! He brings back such fond memories of all the games and times spent playing with him with our children and all the daycare children.  I think it's funny he has the name Eeeeek!

I don't know if anyone else will see it, but I like they way the words continue from the blocks into the book title as "Fall trees."

I got a new blanket for my chair for October and November and am really enjoying it.  I shouldn't be spending money, but we haven't gotten anything new since maybe April!

Hubby put the leaves on the boards so nicely after I asked him to and I randomly stuck a pumpkin up on the third one.  The pumpkin will have to go after Halloween and I'll have to figure what else to go there for November.
I always love the orange flowers.  I change out these flowers with fake flowers throughout the year.  I did real ones for a while, but changed it to fake to re-use them and save money.
I am loving the new tablecloth on the patio table.  I decided to buy one rather than make one.
We've worked so hard on the outside it is all changing.  I randomly turned the chair and was surprised at out such a simple thing cold create such a new little scene to enjoy.

We got a lot done today, but then again, now writing this on Wednesday morning I'm struggling to remember what we did.  We had a list of to-do's and knocked off quiet a few of them.  The weather was gorgeous.


Tammy said…
Your house looks really nice!

Our church has those kind of goodies, too. :)

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