October 12 . .. a Monday

Did I really take no photos today?

Today is Columbus Day.  Thank banks are closed.  It makes the work parking lot empty.

I worked all day and then I taught class in the evening and then I did the cleaning job.

I'm thankful this is the last class for this season as I'm growing so weary.  I keep sleeping in late and cannot get going in the mornings and that is when I usually get my best work done.

I think before work today I could not get going and then I did manage to work on the class guides and adding images to them because that is rote work that does not take thinking.

I also worked some on writing some more advent devotions.  It is going to take a lot of work behind the scenes to write them all in advance for the entire advent season, and I wonder if it is worth it to be writing them.  Will anyone read and enjoy them?  I just have this project started because I've felt lead to do it and must continue until it is done, even if the choice to do it keeps me from doing other things that might be currently more visible in work.  I'm so blessed and thankful that Tara is going to join me on the project in creating graphics for the devotions.  It is going to be our Christmas gift to the readers.  It takes me an hour or two sometimes to write just one devotion as I have to sit and think on the theme ideas to write about.


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