October 14 . . . Wednesday

I did not sleep as long this morning and I was happy about that. However I still did not get anything done this morning. I tried thinking of a simple graphic for a new arrow prayer, but when it would not come to me, I decided to just get some more images on the class guides.

However, when I opened Dreamweaver, and it tried to access my EHD where I kept the files, I discovered that my EHD would not connect to the computer. I think it must be dead. I can hear the fan running but it never shows up on my laptop, no matter what I do. It only makes a few clicking sound when I plug it in. I had been noticing it sounded odd when I started my computer up in the last week or even months or so.

Now I am frustrated that I went and bought a few new things like the tablecloth and blanket, because I need the money to buy a new EHD now. I am so frustrated that nothing ever seems to work for very long or go my way anymore. I can never seem to get ahead.  So why do I even try.

I ate some tomato soup with some wonton crackers and cheese for lunch on the patio. Here is the mum twig that I had stuck in a glass on Sunday while we were transplanting flowers.  Just stuck it in a glass after it fell off and I am enjoying the simple non-symmetrical beauty.

That reminded me about something I forgot to blog about on Sunday. When we were working in the front flower bed, which is right next to where I parked my car and really close to the house, we disturbed a snake. I do not like snakes. I do not like them let close to the house especially. It took us a while to kill it and we even wondered if there were two of them. But the flower bed dirt was so loose that when he hit it with the shovel it just pushed it under the dirt.

I went straight after work to buy a new EHD and I was torn between the one powered by the USB or the one powered by the wall.  I bought two, one smaller, as I keep saying I need to put a copy at my son's house.  I'm so stressed.  I had to charge it and it cost a lot.  I cannot seem to catch a break.

I started the backup, but it seemed to be really slow and it bogged down my whole laptop.  Plus, where my USB ports are located, it makes it hard to use my mouse.  I'm not a happy camper.

Then I had the cleaning job for the evening too.


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