October 15 . .. a Thursday

No photos today.  I cried today.  A lot.

It is getting close to the one year anniversary of my granddaughter at the beginning of November and there are several things making me cry.

I never got my photos to my son and daughter-in-law and I cannot let a year go by without getting them edited and shared.  I just could not look at them anymore once I got home a year ago to make myself do it.

My son wanted some photos without all her tubes and things stuck on her, so after she passed away, we took some photos.  However, the coloring of her skin is not pleasant to see and I want to edit them to replace color into her face.  The only one I have of her full face by herself is not good.  It also has a shadow on it.  I really want to turn it into something beautiful, but it is so hard to look at.

There are other things I am crying about that are not something to put on a blog.  But they just make me cry.  A lot.  I couldn't even work at work.

Plus, I'm trying to put stuff on this new EHD and it is making my laptop slow, as well as I cannot get to the mouse because of where the USB ports are located.  It makes it difficult to do anything.

I had a whole free evening and I as exhausted.  I had to put on my glasses instead of my contacts as the tears had messed up the contacts.  I was so excited to have a free evening and then it went wasted.  I suppose resting and watching t.v. is not wasted if my body needs it.

Hubby broke some more bad news for us tonight.  His sister called.  She has liver cancer.  I never expected this.  She is 66 and the picture of health.  As far as they can tell, it is not anywhere else.  They are continuing tests and we will know more next week, but there is an indication that she can have surgery to remove it and let her liver grow back.  I had to look at the prognosis for liver cancer online.  I really want to know what stage the cancer is.

Just a bad day.  Hey, they all cannot be good.


Maggie Adair said…
So sorry for all your challenges you're facing that is making you sad. Praying for you as you face each one
Hummie B said…
Thanks Maggie!
Tammy said…
Still sending hugs and prayers!!!

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