October 17 . . . a Saturday

It was freezing on Saturday morning in the house and it was 63° when I turn on the furnace and found it set to 69°. I am not sure that it will feel much warmer at 69° and it gets warmed up.
I'll be brought me some oveltine in a new mug I had grabbed at our Walmart shopping trip we can go. I shook my head once again that he unpacks and just put everything away and I forget that I have bought something. Here I had a mug for a new week that he had hidden in a cabinet that I had forgotten about. Makes me wonder what else we bought that I do not remember buying, which means I probably should not have bought it to begin with. Regardless I am now enjoying my new mug. I sometimes like to have just something new and small and simple like a mug as the change makes my day seem a little different. I ran the heater on my nightstand while I did a digital Bible journaling page. It's seem to take me all morning. Did not know where my mojo is to get things done and I seem to be sleeping more than usual. I really want to get out of this habit.
We decided to drive toTrail of Tears state park. It seemed to me that I had seen in photos of people oh that hike to an overlook. I cannot understand why I have lived here over 30 years and never gone on that trail. Of course I asked cubby about it and he acts like he knows all about it, but then cannot give me any details of where it is or anything. He always thinks that he is knowledgeable and that drives me batty. Don't know why he has that in his genes to do so.

The first overlook that we stopped at was actually on the side of the road. I insisted that I thought it was a different one down a trail but I'll be insisted this was the only one. When I took a panel of the overview, it made a heart shape. I love when God gives me little joys like that. The fall trees were just spotted here or there and color. The color is not really coming out yet, but it is beginning and I enjoyed the colors.
There is a bench down off the side of the overlook. I'm surprised that it is hard to get to. It is fairly steep to walk down the edge of the roadway. Miss Tizzy insisted that we go down there. Then she kept insisting on taking an adventure into this clump of bushes. There must've been something exciting that she smelt there. Silly girl.
We drove to the lake where they had redone the beach area. There's a new bathroom there at a new place and lots of new concrete down to the beach. I never have liked this beach. I am not much into man-made lakes as I do not think they are very pretty. However today the sun sparkling and glittering on the water was pretty. A church bus drove up and dropped off a bunch of international students and one walked up to us as we were sitting at the picnic table and asked to see our dogs. He talked with us for a long time, long after the group had walked off out of sight. I thought about our conversation with him for a long time afterwards. It was so unlike most people to walk up to complete strangers and talk to them. It made me wonder whether he was just getting to know Americans, really just wanted to see our dogs, or had other intentions in mind. It was a nice young man, age 24, from Nepal. We learned that he was Hindu. With all the bad stuff going on in the foreign countries, I think it is horrible that these things come to our mind that people could be coming into our country for ulterior motives. I tried to shake those thoughts for my head and just talk with the young man for a while showing him that we accepted  him. We talked about how family life was much different for him. Our children are all out of the house, but in his family when you get married you bring the wife to your house, and as your parents get older you take care of them. With all the fracture and brokenness in our world right now, I sometimes wish you were more like that. Our society seems to keep going downhill, not just with my family but with many things I see.
Down from the picnic bench was a patch of yellow flowers. Well actually a small fields of flowers. So we walked down to appreciate them.
  Then we walked down onto the new sandy beach and the girls seem to like walking in the sand and Miss Tizzy went crazy in attacking Ria to play. Ria readily responded and they played for a little bit in the sand. This funny photo of Tizzy makes her look mean when she is not.

We got back in the car and drove around the bend where I saw a parking spot and an indication of a trail. We asked the young man and his two children about the trail.  He was kind and gave us a map and I discovered this was the trail I had seen others go down in photos. It did not seem too long, maybe a mile, down and a mile back, and the man told me it was a rough trail, but usually I can handle the roughness, but not just the length. I really wanted to see this trail and it was my main reason for coming so we headed down the trail.
It did turn out to be a rather rough trail and I think my knees are getting worse. There was quite a bit of downhill and uphill over slick rocks that I had to be careful with. I think God for keeping me safe because I could have easily slipped and severely injured my already sensitive knees. Slightly after the halfway point we could see the river. It was a little deceiving because it seems weak up to walking after that. This is a photo of hubby when we got even closer to the river. I liked the silhouette.
The view was amazing! It was a honey scary edge of the cliff overlooking the river. You could see very far in both directions. This is a pano of it. It does not do it justice. It was definitely worth the walk down to see it. We could hear a riverboat when we were walking and could see the river boat and barge to the left upstream. The wind, however, was whipping right at us on the cliff and it was much colder than when we were walking. Miss Tizzy was shivering, so we did not stay too long.
Here is the trail when we first started back. This is the easier part of the trail, not the hilly rocky part.
We drove on down the road and found another overlook and it had a short trail to the Overlook that was made of a boardwalk. There was a wedding party there taking photos before the wedding. Their wedding was going to be at the winery nearby.
We took this selfie at that overlook. It was funny because the girls do not know how to look at the camera for a selfie. Miss Tizzy is trying to snuggle my face in this photo, as she always does. I love her snuggles.
We took the girls home and fed them quickly. We were starving as I had not eaten much all day. They first went to the store and shopped for a birthday gift and a newborn gift. Then we went to B. G's and had hey half order of potato skins that we love to eat. The potato skins were as good as always, but the burger we split was not as good as it used to be. The new owner is trying to make things better, but instead is taking away things that we liked.

My feet and my knees were hurting so bad by the time we were done I could hardly walk.


Tammy said…
Sounds like an awesome day. I love hiking!!!!!!

Bummer about your knees. :(

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