October 18 . . . a Sunday

Today was the day I was chosen to write after the sermon about how bad is messing with me, so I needed to make sure to be on time to church. I could hardly walk as my knees and feet hurt so bad. I did not even sleep well because they hurt so bad. I really just wanted to stay in bed. Then we had small group after church, as always. Then we had a small time in the afternoon before we went to another small group. We tried to do a few things around the house. This is one of the plants that I brought in from outside because the freeze warning and they said on the counter waiting for me to do something with them. I am going to replant one of him, but most of them just need to find a home. This one in the photo I was surprised to find was blooming. This was one I was planted the previous summer, and I had kept through last winter that used to sit on the kitchen table last winter and I had no idea it would bloom. That was sort of a sweet surprise.
 I decided to learn how to use the selfie stick and we had bought at our Walmart trip but we could go. I've always wanted one but never gotten one. So I sat in the chair and the girls got in my lap, as always, so I took some selfie's of them on with my phone on the stick. Isn't Tizzy adorable as she sits on my lap?
So I put the selfie stick up over my head and got a shot of Heather curl sit in my lap. Ria is always between my legs.

We had a nice time at the zoo second small group. The house was in a subdivision that we had no idea it was there. Hubby could not believe he's lived here his entire life and did not know the subdivision existed.

I keep wondering where my weekends ago. I feel like I've gotten nothing accomplished.


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