October 19 . . . Monday

I started early in the morning writing the article for the church. You'll see it in a different post. I decided to try to take some more photos during my lunch time, when I finished up the article, of the mum that I referenced. But the mum was beginning to wilt and I had to prop it up. One of the branches broke off and I put it in the water. It no longer looked like I described in the article. But this happened to be the only photo I took today.  

Although I wrote this article and it took a while to write, I still feel like I've gotten nothing done today. It is hard after work to get anything done with hubby being here and someday I'm going to break this pattern.

I was thankful that he did have dinner ready when I got home as I thought I was going to be tutoring. But the lady decided to postpone it for a week because she did not do her homework yet. So I talked to her on the phone a little while, and then we ate, and before we knew it it was time for the cleaning job. The cleaning job also keeps me from getting much done as I only have a short bit of time after work before I go to clean.

We watched TV together for a little while. We went to bed fairly early, around 930. This is so strange for me.


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