October 2 . . a Friday

I am in awe of how pretty my flowers look in my front yard this late into the year.  My mum is huge and it looks like it is ready to bloom soon and I am anxious.

I started feeling better today and felt better as each hour went on and I am thankful that this head cold is short lived.  (oops, but it hit me again hard on Saturday!)

After work hubby had to go back to work and he shared a photo saying this was his office.  He's so funny.
I went to the Women of Faith at church which started at 7:00 and was supposed to end at 9:00, but I think the program was off as everything was running an hour later and it was after 10 p.m. before I left.

I tweeted this photo and another one and also shared it on Instagram and then on Saturday monring they showed it in a collection of photos of people watching from the simulcast!  How cool was that that they had someone monitoring the social media and then grabbed photos to share on their big screen to the people in the stadium.  They really tried to make us on the simulcast feel included.

Hubby and I drank a little wine and had a few chips before going to bed.  It seemed like such a long day.


Tammy said…
So this is the last Women of Faith tour?
Hummie B said…
No, it is just the last with the ladies who have done it since the beginning. They are continuing it, but getting new speakers.

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