October 26 . . . a. Monday

I was awake and up and at it very early again today. It is going to be a long week. I have something to do every evening.

This morning I uploaded the new video I recorded and put it on a new HTML class guide page and blogged and shared it. It always takes so much time to do work after I get a video done. I am happy to get something new up.

A lot of new people are joining the Facebook group and that makes me happy. It is busy and there is a lot of sharing and people learning which makes me happy.

I also managed to to get some more photos added to some of the later course two lessons on the guide.

When I went home for lunch I got a nice surprise. We finally caught our first squirrel. However we caught him in the big cage. He was not very happy.
He or she kept bouncing around the cage and I could not get a photo. Squirrels sure do have a lot of energy. It's kept gnawing on the metal wires as if it could cut through to escape. I had to joke and say that if I were to be in jail, I would want pretty flowers outside my window.
The smaller trap had been set off yet again last night, but there was no squirrel inside. I am assuming they are going partly in and when the trip goes off it comes down on their back and they can still back out. I reset the trap with fresh food and put it in a different location.

I had some sausage and some steamed broccoli for lunch. I emailed my friends and it is making me very happy that we are all emailing each other again. We should be sharing about what we are doing.

Hubby sent me this photo of his drive to the country far away to let the squirrel go. This squirrel trapping is going to cost us gas money but I think it is worth it.
We have been having problems at work with the toilet not flushing and paper whirling around for the next person. There is a sign on the back of the stall door and there's a sign as you leave the bathroom. The sign on the door as you leave the bathroom was changed to today and it made me smile yet again. I turn around and check the toilet every time, and I can't figure out who is missing the sign on the door as it jumps out at you. Sometimes I worry that it is me and I am triple checking. I am about ready to go to the bathroom upstairs instead.
I placed an order today for new clothes for Miss Tizzy from someone in Japan. They sent me this photo of the material laid out to confirm that this is what I wanted before they started sewing. I think it is going to be so cute. I am anxious to receive it in the mail. For all the clothes I have bought, I still have not found anything to fit Tizzy. With winter coming up I need something to keep her warm. She does not generally wear clothes in the warm weather. But she shivers so bad when it gets cold. I am excited about these clothes, because they are made more for an Italian Greyhound. They are cut differently and I can see that it makes sense for Tizzy's shape. One of the four breeds in Miss Tizzy as a toy fox terrier is a miniature Italian greyhound. No clothes I buy in the store would work at all. If I get the chest and neck to fit, then the back is much too short. If I buy to get the back to fit, the chest and neck are much too large. I figured out a long time ago I have to have clothes custom sewn for her. But even custom sewn clothes do not always fit. She is such a unique shape. I saw other photos of another toy fox terrier in the New England area of the United States who bought clothes from this lady in Japan and so I see we think alike and see how nice the clothes fit her dog. So I am excited to be working with this lady in Japan.

After work I quickly ate a small half sandwich. I also took time to iron my tablecloth so it looked better for my visitor. She arrived early while I was still eating, but at 5:30 our tutoring session started. We were working with Photoshop elements. We worked until 8 o'clock and she is very attentive and pleasant to work with. I am excited that she is interested in digital scrapbooking as I have trouble getting other local people to want to do the hobby.

Then there was the cleaning job. So I have worked four jobs today and I am exhausted. Hubby and I got some popcorn and sat down to watch a TV show. I actually could not whind down and ended up being awake till about 11:30. This burning the candle at both ends is going to catch up with me one of these days.


Tammy said…
Beautiful drive. :)

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