October 27 . . . a Tuesday

Tizzy woke me up around 4:20 a.m. asking to go outside. So at 4:30 I was looking on my phone and saw messages from the seamstress in Japan. She wanted me to clarify measurements. So when hubby got up at 4:45, we drug Tizzy back out of bed to take photos of measurements. She is so difficult to measure and the smallest change in measurements can make a big difference. This photo her head is down and she measures 12 inches on the back.

However, in this photo, I put her head up and now she measures 10 inches. How in the world can someone so for a dog when it changes size on you?
Then in this photo her leg measures to the ground as 8 inches. However you can observe her leg goes out to the side.
So when we measure the length of her leg, it is actually 10 inches. Yet she is not that far from the ground, she is only 8 inches. So which do you choose when you sew? I realize that people who make dog clothes to sell on Etsy have a hard job pleasing people because the measurements are so difficult. They must have a lot of talent.

Miss Tizzy was not happy that I kept waking her up to measure her. She was very happy to get to go back to sleep. But I had to measure her well hubby was getting ready for work so he could help me take photos.

Around 5:30 AM I started blogging yesterday from my phone, and now I am beginning today's blog post. And it is 6:15 AM. I suppose I should go ahead and get up now. I have been awake almost 2 hours and what do I have to show for it?

I forgot to blog recently about hubby sister. We found out about a week ago that she has liver cancer. This is surprising and sad. So on Saturday we found out that it is stage four liver cancer and it has spread to the lymph nodes. It is 11 cm long. All this is not good news. The doctor said one year to one and a half years. So anyone who wants to add her to your prayer list, that would be appreciated. God is good. We are hoping she is coming up to visit in a few weeks, and it is on our mind to get a time soon for us to travel down there to Texas. 
When I left to go to work, I discovered there was another opossum, but this time, our first catch in the small cage.  It was raining and the opossum was not happy with me.  It wanted to curl up and go to sleep!  This one was much smaller than the last and I can imagine it is a child of the other one we caught, so we will take it to the same place we dropped off the other one.  I moved it to the porch where it could be dry and sleep until hubby could take it after work.

At lunch time, I was was surprised to see we had caught another squirrel in the big cage.  Now hubby can take both when he gets home from work.  I am glad that he gets home mid-afternoon so these two are not caged as long.

This is the opossum at lunch time.  He still does not look too happy, but is resting comfortably.

After work I met with a lady over the kitchen table to tutor her and this is the dog clothing she made for Tizzy.  It did not fit well.  The lady let me know that she was glad for the experience as it made her realize she did not have the skills to sew dog clothes as she thought and that she would need time to think of another small business idea.  So we chatted for a while, but did not teaching, and she will contact me again when she figures out what she wants to do next.

We had moved the squirrel cage to the back yard and in no time caught another squirrel!  I could not leave it all night, so around 7 p.m. hubby took off with it to relocate it and hubby was not happy at all.  He got very grumpy.  I think for his 4th trip to relocate animals, he is growing weary.  Here I was just praising him for being such a trooper and then he had to turn sour and the rest of our night was just grumpiness.  Tomorrow is a new day.


Hummie B said…
Yes, I know. I've been playing with the blog design again.
I liked the other one, but the sharing buttons and other things wouldn't work. Grrrr.
Tammy said…
All the animals are telling their friends about the free food. ;)
Hummie B said…
lol Tammy, I sure hope not! Yikes!
Dawn said…
So sorry about your Sister in law. I'll be praying for her. In fact, I'll pray right now...

Lord, thank you that we can freely come to you with our needs. Thank you for another day that we have to give you praise and do the work that you have called us to. I lift up Hummie's Sister in law to you. Father, you are able to do exceedingly abundantly more that we could ask or think, and so I ask that you would bring a miracle to this woman. She has family and friends who are not ready to let her go. I pray for the doctors and the nurses that will be caring for her, that you would give them wisdom in how to proceed from here, and I ask that you would give the peace that surpasses all understanding on her, her family, and her friends. In Jesus' name, Amen
Hummie B said…
Thanks so much for that beautiful prayer, Dawn. Grateful.

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