October 28 . . . a Wednesday

Today is a sentimental sappy day for me.  Today I remember my Dad who passed away now it seems so many years ago already.  October 28 was his birthday.

It is also a sentimental sappy day for me because it was on this day 50 years ago that my Grandpa took a video of the last piece of the arch going in and they have been having a celebration in St. Louis and I so much wanted to attend and try to stand in the same place my Grandpa stood.

On another note I received photos of the outfit that has been sewn for Tizzy in Japan.  I am truly amazed and in awe at the skill and the service I have received.  Even with the language barrier and having to use a translator, so the sentence structures being odd, communication has been fabulous.  They have given me photos and communicated on every step, letting me know when the next step would be done.  They used photos along the way to communicate with me, such as to lay out the fabric and placement to confirm it was where I wanted each kind of material to go.  Or when I sent them a photo of Tizzy with the tape measure and they sent it back overlayed in opaque blue to confirm where on the legs I wanted them to go. I got photos all along the way, include these of the finished product and being told when it would ship.  I never got that with any other Etsy shop I've worked with.  I'm really so pleased and amazed.

Miss Tizzy's back legs look so long, but that is exactly how we measured them and I always knew her legs looked long for her body size.  I cannot wait for the outfit to come so I can try it on her!  I may have finally after 3 years found someone who can sew clothes to fit perfectly for the girls.

The last outfit I bought seemed to fit, but then the back legs kept coming off both girls.  By the time I tweaked it, stitching by hand, it would stay on, but Miss Tizzy could not walk well.  Poor thing.  She wore it sometimes anyway just to stay warm in the winter.

The girls do not wear dog clothes in the warm weather and Ria almost never wears any, but Miss Tizzy just shivers and shivers when the weather gets cold and I really want something to keep her warm.  She really needs it.

Plus, the price I paid for this expert sewing was very reasonable compared to other shops, including the cost of shipping on top of it.  In fact, I think it was very reasonable to one that I might walk into Petco to buy that would not fit her right in the least bit.

Now, what to do with my day?   My morning is slipping away again.
Tonight I shall take the laptop back to my friend at her house and make sure her printer works and then there is the cleaning job.

I managed to work on the Book of Me/About Me class because of a request for inspiration and created 20 new pages for set 1 and got challenge 1's photos up.

At lunch time I set up the squirrel traps again.  Here is the one in that we moved to the back yard right along the squirrel super highway.

To recap because I want to count.
Fri Oct 25: None
Sat Oct 24:  Large opossum #1 (large cage)
Sun Oct 25: None
Mon Oct 26:  Squirrel #1 (large cage) 
Tues Oct 27:  child opossum #2 (small cage); squirrel #2 (small cage); 
                       squirrel #3 (large cage in backyard)

I'm loving the flowers we still have blooming on the patio.  It's almost the end of October!

I forgot to make the stew before work and the meat has already been defrosting in the refrigerator too many days, so I spent 36 minutes over lunch browning the meat and onion, cutting up potatoes and giving them a kick start in the microwave, and cutting up veggies. Of course, spices and a swirl with the spoon.  It all looks so yummy and I now am ready for dinner!
The stew was yummy and I had two bowls after work. We received Ria's new dog harness and it took us a while to figure out how to get it on her. The sliding of the buckles to resize it was more difficult to figure out the then it should have been. I wanted to test it out but I had to go to my friends house to take the laptop back. So hubby took the girls for a walk while I went to her house. He thought it worked well. I am excited to think that we might have finally found a harness that will work for Ria. Only time and use will tell. I enjoyed my visit with my friend and we got her printer up and working. I'm going to have to order a DVD drive for the laptop though.

Then there was the cleaning job. It was about 8:30 before we settle down and I worked on the class guides adding images to the About Me class and Course 2 class. I worked on it during commercials   while we were watching some TV.

I also managed to write one more devotion today for advent.  Slow but steady.

And when hubby went to sleep I began working on the guides until about 10:30. I felt I got a lot done but it always seems like nonproductive work.


Maggie Adair said…
Love Miss Tizzy's new outfit. She'll look special in it.

Thanks for working on inspiration for Book of Me. I really need that right now if I'm going to do the class.

What do you plan to do with the animals you catch in the cages?
Maggie Adair said…
BTW what's with the new blog look? I miss the old one :(
Hummie B said…
Are you missing the really old look or the more recent one from a few weeks ago? I have the really old one saved and can put it back, but I was wanting something new. The one a few weeks ago I couldn't do several things with it, such as the social networking sharing buttons. I couldn't get anything to pin!

The animals we are relocating at least 5 miles away. We are just overrun with them and we are in the middle of the city! They are destroying everything.

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