October 31 ... a Saturday

I spent until after noon just doing the Reformation Day Digital Bible Journaling layout.  Ack!  It feels like a wasted day, but I know any time in God's Word is not wasted.

Miss Tizzy's outfit is in customs in Chicago! Wow!  I did not know they would fly that far inland from Japan.  I figured it would hit a customs center on one of the coasts.  It just goes to show you how much I know about customs in our country.  That seems so close to our home, just 5 hours away.  Yipeee!

We caught one squirrel in the morning and one in the afternoon, so we are getting close to our goal!  Yippeee!  We really want to stop spending time and gas relocating them.

To recap:
Fri Oct 25: None
Sat Oct 24: Large opossum #1 (large cage)
Sun Oct 25: None
Mon Oct 26: Squirrel #1 (large cage)
Tues Oct 27: child opossum #2 (small cage); squirrel #2 (small cage);
squirrel #3 (large cage in backyard)
Wed Oct 28: None
Thur Oct 29: Squirrel #4 (large cage)
Fri Oct 30: Squirrel #5 & #6 (large cage)
Sat Oct 31 Squirrel #7 & #8 (large cage)
GOAL:  3 in front yard and 6 in back yard = 9
----only 1 more in the front to reach our goal! Yeah! Then we'll take a break.  We may or may not do it later in November when we have an offer of someone to come pick them up.  We'll see.  

Hubby called the doctor on my recommendation and he is glad he listened because he now has some medicine for his back.  There was no reason for him to wait until Monday and miss work when he could start healing from the steroids now.

It's now 3 o'clock and I've taken a nice hot long shower.  I guess this is a rest day for us.  I'm off to make sausage gravy and biscuits.

We watched tv for a bit.  We got started watching while we ate.  

We had some bad news arrive in that hubby's sister with liver cancer is not doing as well as she is letting on.  She is not eating and loosing weight and she was already a healthy thin, so she has no weight to loose.  We wondered if we needed to plan a trip in the next weekend, but it looks like we may be visiting before the end of November.  I started to look into a dog sitter.

Then we headed off downtown to a party we had been invited too.  Halloween is not really much my thing and I get tired of seeing it in my social media streams and do not even like the digital scrapbooking kits.  I'm always ready for it to be over.  But I went out with a positive attitude.

We learned that the invite was listed as too early and so after walking around a while, we went with someone else who had showed up too early to a bar across the street and ordered a drink.  This is a photo I took of the lights on the wall where I set, but the whole place was decorated up with cobwebs and spiders and other dead stuff, you know, the usual weird stuff.  

Then we went back to the party and I found it as expected!  I had no idea this space was there, but I would have expected it to be decorated up as it was because hubby's cousin does it every time! He's so eclectic and talented it is worth seeing to appreciate his talent.

As I love photography, I found the sign in the back room kind of awesome!

While we were there, our son called!  Wow!  I was so excited and we went outside and around the corner and chatted with him for at least a half hour.  This mom could not have been happier!  I had not heard his voice since he left home whenever that was, maybe February or March.  He seemed to be doing good and sounded good, so I was thankful.  Yep, when your children call, you stop everything!  Or at least this mom does!

As we stood on the street corner, we watched all the costumes going into the local bar and that was rather fun.  Of course, we had our own costume wearers at our own party and hubby's cousin is on the right.

Um, yeah, this was in the bathroom.
From the table where I was sitting.  So interesting and the more you look the more you see.
We liked how the pumpkins were carved with a face on all sides and I am thinking about how much time it took to set everything up.

Hubby's cousin found a bottle of wine hidden and so I drank a few glasses.  I enjoyed talking to the newest member of his family, his nephew's wife, and getting to know her.  She's so adorable and I was happy to hear about her business strategies.  She is really got a grip on her market and a good focus.  It made me smile to watch her rubbing her belly and I can see her being such a good mom.

Then I talked to a young man who was an Eagle scout with my oldest son and the conversation turned interesting when he declared he was baptized Christian, but is now Buddhist.  At first I thought he was just joking and teasing.  Then he thought I was judging him and the whole thing was something I would have rather avoided.  He kept referring to Christianity as "f' ' ing damned" which offended me, but then I said nothing against his religion, but merely listened and tried to accept, and I was automatically elevated to that of judging and trying to convert. It's always interesting how just the thought of being judged makes their minds go to that.  Of course, he was drunk or high or both.  So when someone is that way, I am careful to keep everything on the positive the best I can.

One lady drank too much and I drove her home while hubby and another man followed with her car.  Then we drove the other man back to the party before going home.  I sure hope she feels okay in the morning as she indicated she had to go to church.

It was an interesting and fun evening.


Tammy said…
SO happy you heard from your boy!!!!!!!!!

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