October 5 . . . a Monday

Hubby took these photos of the flags half-staff at the high school in honor of those losses in Oregon.  I was touched by the distant of miles coming together.

I got a new top and I'm excited about it.  I haven't had any new clothes in at least two years.  We just cannot afford it.  I really like the color, the smocking, and the way it fits.  It shall be my new favorite shirt I believe.

I taught class tonight and it was a great class.  I was glad to see so many returning students from the last class and a few new faces.  That mean a lot to me.  They asked why we hadn't chatted with hubby and that made me smile because they really enjoy laughing with him.  I had shown them the crazy candle app and told how I discovered it as inspiration for them to find new apps, so I wrote a note on the candle to text to him.  Somehow, the conversation quickly turned from "hot" to "monkeys" and "airplanes" and the laughter and smiling faces made me feel good.

Then there was the cleaning job and it was after 10 p.m. I got home and my feet were hurting and I was anxious to sit down and unwind.  Hubby had made me some bacon and eggs to eat before class as a quick meal to inhale, but it felt long gone.


Tammy said…
Pretty shirt, Hummie!

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