October 6 . . . a Tuesday

I was excited to see the shoes I ordered last Friday were finally shipped.  It took them long enough to process the order!  I was smarter this time and put them on charge.  I sure hope they work out and I don't have to ship them back.  I haven't had any new shoes in over two years.

I see this tree every year going to and from work.  It will be the only one turning a gorgeous orange color.  It is just starting to turn now.  I love watching the colors come ushering in.

I took a walk in the garden and there are a few flowers hanging on and demanding to shine in all their beauty.  The roses are one of them.  What a contrast to the dead leaves that are beginning to collect.  I cannot believe it is October already.
This orange mum is hanging on too.  It's not so pretty having fallen over, but maybe I should cut some of it and bring it into a vase.

Hubby propped the washtub up in a different place after he used it.  We use it to collect trimmings and weeds while we work in the garden.  It always gives me a delight to see it looking so artistic in different places.  I know, I'm weird how I see things and appreciate them.

I had a meeting after work scheduled with a neighbor because he is going to be taking over a website for me that I've been doing for the last 5 years.  I had finally reached my breaking point last week.  I had started this volunteer job knowing that the person I was helping failed often, but that I would be there to help him where he failed, to help the organization grow to benefit many.  I've put in a lot of time over the last 5 years, being very patient, but it has been a test.  I've wanted to quit many times and probably didn't do the work as good as I could have due to frustration of just getting the information to disseminate.  He would reply to my reminders and then still never post.  I blew up last week and embarrassed myself, but I have to give myself credit for keeping my patience for 5 years.  I think someone else would have quit long before or would have blown the gasket earlier.  I feel I've received no respect and have been used.  Having kept it in all those years, it's no wonder I exploded.  I wonder to myself why I allow myself to be used like that.  It is my giving heart and my heart wanting to help and giving from my heart that drives me and then after a long period of time, I give in and hurt as closure comes.

My neighbor never shows for the meeting.  Sigh.  All was okay because it allowed me an opportunity to give the girls a dremil pedicure and to bring in some yard decorations.  Hubby was washing them and putting them away.  I'm sure he did not wash them well enough, but I won't even look and I can just be frustrated next Spring when I get them back out.

We had absolutely no food in the house.  We had plans to shop on Sunday, but I was so sick and just sleeping in bed.  We found these gourds and had fun with them.  The yellow one looks like pacman and the peach one looks like the character on Veggie Tales.  We ended up not buying any to be careful of our budget.

I did buy some apple cider.  I have to have some every year.  I will have some heated with some spice, but for tonight, we tried something I had read that was called an apple cider mimosa.  I put about 2/3 apple cider in our glasses and 1/3 spumanti wine.

I must say, it was delicious! The liquor is so little and it was more about the fun glass and doing something different. It as late by the time we unpacked groceries and we were starving, so we put a few pizzas in and sat down to wind down for the day.

I've been coughing all day.  When hubby went to bed, I had a second wind and I finished a Digital Bible Journaling page.  It was nearly 1 a.m. before I went to sleep.


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